Who says birthstones can only look at the month of birth? Choose your own lucky jewelry from the meaning of natural stone

Many people believe that it can bring good luck and fulfill wishes; a natural stone with mysterious powers has been valued since ancient times. The birthstone is also one of them, referring to the representative gemstone that symbolizes each month from January to December. These 12 types of natural birthstones, each with their power of meaning, are always the first choice for gifting. Wearing the birthstone as an amulet is said to bring more luck.

If you want to strengthen your luck with the power of birthstones, choose one that you like, and that can give you more power, even if it is not your birth month. This time, I will give you a little knowledge about birthstones, as well as the meaning and characteristics of the birthstones of these 12 months.

Not only can you wear rings, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories with birthstones, but you can also simply use them as amulets to bring more power to yourself. Please choose the birthstone that suits you from the following introduction.

January Birthstone|Garnet

The natural stone language of garnet – “truth”, “passion”, “friendship” and “prosperity”.
Garnet is a natural stone that can bring courage and strengthen friendships between people. It is also called a “fruit” natural gem because it has a shape and color similar to pomegranates over time. If you want to bring more good luck for love and work, it is recommended to wear garnet jewelry.

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February Birthstone|Amethyst

The natural stone language of amethyst–“honesty,” “noble,” and “peace of mind.”
Amethyst, also known as amethyst, is derived from the Greek word “amethystos”, which means “not drunk.” Just like the literal meaning of “Amethyst,” the noble purple luster and transparency give people a deep impression. A gemstone for when you need peace of mind and emotional stability.

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March Birthstone|Aquamarine

The natural stone language of aquamarine–“brave”, “smart”, “composure”, “happiness”, “wealth”
Aquamarine gives people the power to stabilize their emotions and calm their minds. Its name (Aquamarine) means “sea water” in Latin, and just like its name, aquamarine has a beautiful light blue color. It is a natural stone that can enhance the ability to communicate and harmony and help to reconcile the relationship between lovers or husband and wife, symbolizing “marriage happiness.”

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April Birthstone|Diamond

The natural stone language of a diamond – “eternal bond,” “purity,” “white and flawless,” “supreme brilliance.”
Diamonds are currently the hardest gemstones in nature, with a dazzling brilliance of clarity and flawlessness. It has the effect of strengthening interpersonal relationships and purifying the mind. Its characteristics and meaning make many people choose a diamond ring as a wedding ring.

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May Birthstone|Emerald

The natural stone language of emerald – “lucky”, “happiness”, “love”, “health”.
Emerald is a dark green gemstone with a blue tinge. It has been regarded as a gemstone with high value since ancient times. At the same time, it is one of the four significant gemstones in the world, alongside diamonds. It is a natural gemstone that people love. It is said that Cleopatra, the queen of Cleopatra, could not resist the charm of emeralds, so she made it into her favorite jewelry to wear. Emerald, also known as the “Stone of Love,” has a mighty love power and is said to improve love luck.

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June Birthstone|Moonstone

Moonstone’s natural stone language – “health”, “longevity”, “pure love”, “richness”.
The most prominent feature of the moonstone is the dreamy brilliance produced by the “moonlight effect,” as well as the soft and hazy light that shines. Since ancient times
It is considered a “mysterious gem with moon energy,” which has a good blessing effect on improving health, love, and money luck.

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July Birthstone|Ruby

The natural stone language of ruby – “passion”, “pure love”, “eternal life”, “beauty”.
Ruby has a bright and gorgeous luster, and its hardness is exceptionally high, second only to diamonds, so it is also known as the queen of gems. The fiery red symbolizes an inextinguishable flame, possessing the power to protect the owner from disaster, overcome difficulties and achieve victory. It is recommended to touch the ruby to the skin directly or to wear accessories such as a ruby brooch on the left side of the body close to the heart.

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August Birthstone|Peridot

Peridot’s natural stone language – “happiness,” “love between husband and wife,” “peace.”
Peridot was called “the gem that fell from the sun” in ancient Egypt and was worshipped by people. Even in the dark, you can see the radiance that shines, just like the light of hope in a difficult situation, so it has the critical title of “the stone that leads to a bright future.” Also known as the “Sun Stone,” it has a positive symbolic meaning, has the effect of driving away disasters, and makes people think positively and move forward.

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September Birthstone|Sapphire

The natural stone language of sapphire – is “love,” “honesty,” and “faithfulness.”
Dark blue symbolizes an unwavering heart and single-minded love, so sapphire is quite popular as an engagement ring. Giving the holder calm, concentration, and strong willpower has been considered a valuable gem in the hands of those in power since ancient times. Although blue has a strong impression, there are also various colors, such as pink, yellow, and green.

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October Birthstone|Tourmaline

The natural stone language of tourmaline – “whiteness,” “endurance,” “comfort.”
Tourmaline, commonly known as tourmaline, symbolizes integrity and virtue, shining colorful luster: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple, like a rainbow in the sky. It is said to have the ability to attract luck, and it is especially popular for its pink tourmaline, which has the effect of improving luck in love.

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November Birthstone|Topaz

The natural stone language of topaz – “friendship,” “hope,” and “whiteness.”
The name comes from the Greek “topasio”, which means “seeking,” which can guide the wearer toward the goal and improve luck in work, love, and popularity. Because of the yellow color of many topazes, it is also called “topaz” in Japan. Among them, the most valuable is yellow-orange topaz, and other standard colors are transparent, blue, pink, and others colors.

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December Birthstone|Tanzanite

Tanzanite’s natural stone language – “calm”, “noble”, “proud person”.
It was named Tanzanite because of the rare natural stone excavated in the Marylani Mine in Tanzania. It is said to have the ability to convert negative energy into positive energy, and it is a natural stone that can “guide life in the right direction.” Depending on the angle or light, different colors (such as blue and green) appear; a dreamy color is also called “the color of the sunset in the sky.” Since it is less shock-resistant and easily damaged, handle it gently and carefully.


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Choose your birthstone jewelry by Stone Language

When you hear about birthstones, you may have the stereotype that you must choose the natural stone of your birth month. Although choosing the birthstone of your birth month can enhance your potential abilities and personal charm, it is even more critical to choose the right one based on the birthstone’s natural stone language and make it your talisman. When choosing a birthstone ornament as a gift, you should not only consider the month of your partner’s birthday but also try to choose from the meaning of the birthstone.

It is important to have a birthstone that you like and that suits you. If you only choose the birthstone of your birth month without considering other factors, the meaning of protection will be lost. In addition, there are two or more birthstones in a month, so if you are unsure which one to choose and are hesitant about which one will be effective, you may want to consider which one is suitable for you. If you don’t know which one to choose, you may want to consider the meaning of the natural stone, the color and luster, your preference, and other factors in choosing and wearing these birthstone ornaments; I believe it will give you more power.

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