The chrysanthemum flower language is very different

Chrysanthemum, the representative autumn flower, has a strong relationship with Japan.
In Japan, the chrysanthemum is used as a floral seal that symbolizes the Japanese royal family, the cover of Japanese passports, etc. It is also used as a raw flower enshrined in sacrifices. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan, the shipment of chrysanthemums in Japan in 2020 will be as high as 40%, and productivity is the first among all flower species.
Chrysanthemum is a flower that blooms in autumn. The flowering period is from September to November. However, with the advancement of modern cultivation technology, chrysanthemums can bloom all year round. I will introduce the flower language and exceptional works about chrysanthemums this time!


1. Chrysanthemum flower language. The language of flowers varies according to color —The language of flowers of yellow chrysanthemum —The language of the flower of white chrysanthemum —The language of the red flower chrysanthemum —The language of the flower pink chrysanthemum

2. Chrysanthemum and Japan ーThe origin of the Japanese name of the chrysanthemum ーThe symbol of the Japanese royal family, “Chrysanthemum Seal.”

3. Chrysanthemum Festival—September 9th Double Ninth Festival

4. A selection of chrysanthemum-themed works

The flower language of chrysanthemums. The flower language varies according to color

The common flower language of chrysanthemums is “noble,” “noble,” and “noble.” This is because of the elegant attitude of the high cabinet of chrysanthemums. However, with the different colors of chrysanthemums, there are different flower languages!

The flower language of yellow chrysanthemum

“Longevity and Happiness,” “Broken Love”

▲The yellow chrysanthemum has positive and negative flower language. Love has negative connotations, so avoid giving yellow chrysanthemums to your significant other.

The flower language of white chrysanthemum

“Honest,” “True”

▲White chrysanthemums that are not dyed in any color are often used as wedding bouquets in Japan.

The flower language of the red chrysanthemum

“I love you.”

▲No matter what kind of flower, red flowers almost have a flower language related to love. This red chrysanthemum also carries a message of pure love.

The flower language of pink chrysanthemum

“Sweet Dreams”

▲The flower language produced by the cute and sweet appearance is also a romantic flower language for love. Therefore, it is the best gift to give to the other half.

Chrysanthemum and Japan

ーThe origin of the Japanese name of chrysanthemum

ー Japanese imperial symbol “Chrysanthemum.”

Among the emblems used by the Japanese royal family, there is a “chrysanthemum emblem” designed by patterning chrysanthemums. Among them, the sixteen-eight-fold table chrysanthemum with sixteen petals is the most famous, which is called the “Sixteen-petal and eight-fold table chrysanthemum pattern” (Japanese “eight-fold” means multiple petals, not quantity). In addition, the coat of arms on the cover of Japanese passports is a 16-fold table chrysanthemum designed by simplifying the chrysanthemum pattern. Why did the Japanese royal family choose the chrysanthemum as a symbol of the royal family’s coat of arms? It is said that Emperor Toba, who ascended the throne from the end of the Heian period to the beginning of the Kamakura period, loved chrysanthemums, so the coat of arms and swords were engraved with chrysanthemums. The emperors Fukakusa, Kameyama,, and Goyuta who succeeded later also continued to use the coat of arms of the Migratory Toba Emperor, so the chrysanthemum coat of arms was also regarded as the representative of the royal family’s coat of arms.

Chrysanthemum Festival—September 9th Double Ninth Festival

September 9th of the lunar calendar is the Double Ninth Festival. Because odd numbers are auspicious yang numbers in China, and nine is the largest number among odd numbers, the Double Ninth Festival is designated on the day when two nines overlap. Since the Heian period (794-1185), the Japanese have habitually placed chrysanthemums in their homes or drank chrysanthemum wine with floating chrysanthemum petals on the Double Ninth Festival. It is said that doing so can ward off evil and ward off evil. Because of this, this day is also known as the “Chrysanthemum Festival” in Japan.

Pray for health

Chrysanthemum has been used to exorcise evil since ancient times. It symbolizes avoiding evil and prolonging life, so it is quite suitable as a flower for praying for health to decorate at home. In addition, on the Double Ninth Festival, the Japanese also have the custom of rearranging the dolls of the girl’s festival to pray for the health and longevity of adult women.

Chrysanthemum theme works selection.

Chrysanthemum candle

As a home display, a chrysanthemum-shaped candle made of beeswax and a fruity fragrance, like a work of art. The decoration is also very suitable!

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chrysanthemum glass

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Multilayer glass is a traditional handicraft in Fukuoka, Japan. Overlapping and making full use of the curves form a beautiful pattern. Delicately interweaves the scene of the blooming of a hundred chrysanthemums. The elegant chrysanthemum pattern is perfect as a gift for the elders!
Pastel Tea Bowl Set

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Ceramic tea bowls have a simple and elegant design. It is the best choice for daily use or as a gift.

Sheath-crown chrysanthemum earrings

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Chrysanthemum earrings’ birth flower pendant height is approximately 15mm, and the width is approximately 10mm. The floral earring’s total height approx is 28mm. This site works on practically anyone!

Chrysanthemums and bees Text PU Leather Purse Credit Card Clutch Long Wallet

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