Pre-wedding advice! The best accessories for your wedding

A wedding is a very important day for a couple, so they always want to look their best for the blessing. When you are invited to the wedding of your friends, family, and colleagues, do you worry about what to wear and what accessories to wear to avoid being rude?

Is it okay to wear no accessories? Can I wear a ring? Are there any other recommended materials besides pearls suitable for the wedding?

We will introduce some etiquette related to wearing accessories, which we hope can provide you with some reference for your future wedding attendance.

What kind of accessories should I wear to the wedding?

Q. What kind of accessories should I choose?

Necklaces made of pearls are suitable for all occasions. A multi-strand necklace with freshwater pearls is recommended for a more casual wedding.

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Although it is generally better to choose “flashy but not fancy” ornaments, sometimes it becomes difficult to know how to choose. If you consider the venue’s atmosphere to choose, it will be easier.
After receiving the invitation, ensure the wedding reception will be held in a high-class hotel, a unique wedding venue, or a casual restaurant. If it is held in a hotel, you can wear pearl-based accessories; if it is held in a restaurant, you can dress a little more casually. Dress up with the atmosphere of the wedding reception; it will make you look fashionable.
In addition, if the invitation has the central concept of the wedding reception or Dress Code, try to match the theme, which will also make the couple happy. It’s difficult to change clothes every time you attend a wedding, but it’s easier if you match your accessories with the atmosphere and theme of the venue.

Q. Can I wear it without accessories?

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Although it is not rude not to wear accessories, it is better to go in a congratulatory mood and be a little more flashy.
Especially in wedding ceremonies, most men wear black suits, so women should wear bright colors or patterned clothing, making the whole venue look gorgeous.
In addition, attending a wedding is different from other events because there are more opportunities to review photos. More and more couples want to preserve beautiful images through photos, so it is very happy for the couple to have their guests dressed up for the wedding. By dressing up well, couples can look back on the photos after the wedding and still feel the joy and congratulations of the moment through the photos.

Q.Do I wear different accessories for daytime and evening wedding parties?

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If the wedding is held in the evening, choosing smaller accessories will be easier to match!
According to the actual problems that will be encountered in the photo, to attend a daytime wedding, the dress can be simple and fresh; an evening wedding can be a little more gorgeous.
In daytime weddings, most of the natural light coming in through the outdoors to take pictures; if you are wearing K gold or gemstone jewelry, it may allow the light to reflect through the jewelry, affecting the photos taken and causing the opposite effect. Therefore, if you attend a wedding held in the daytime, follow the principle of “don’t shine brighter than the bride” and avoid wearing too much shiny jewelry.
For weddings held in the evening, photos are taken using indoor lighting so that you can wear jewelry, karat gold, and other slightly more ornate accessories. However, to avoid being more eye-catching than the bride, you can choose more elegant jewelry this time.

Q.Can I wear my wedding/engagement ring to the ceremony?

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Engagement rings and wedding bands are formal accessories, so it is not offensive, even if they have sparkling diamonds. However, it may be unpleasant if you show or talk about your ring on this occasion! Please be careful!

Also, if it is a more fashionable design ring, you can wear it as long as it is not too flashy. Match the color and material of your bracelet or other accessories to improve your overall look.

Jewelry for wedding

Compared to choosing ornaments for daily life, when it comes to congratulatory occasions, it is important to pay special attention to the customs or choose ornaments with auspicious meanings, not just beautiful ornaments. Basically, dressing up for the party will make the host family feel happy. However, care must be taken to choose wedding accessories appropriate to the ceremony.

Hair accessories or ornaments made of fresh flowers or permanent flowers
The main character of the wedding is the bride. Therefore, flowers, high-quality artificial flowers, and other gorgeous decorations are exclusively for the bride. Therefore, avoid wearing the same ornaments as the bride or look more conspicuous than the bride. Do not wear flower crowns, headpieces, and wristbands made of artificial or fresh flowers that look real.
If you want to wear a boutonniere, it is recommended that you choose artificial flowers or a boutonniere with a smaller design.

Wearing white items or accessories (pearls are OK)
White is the bride’s color, so it is basic etiquette to avoid wearing the same color as the bridal gown. However, it is okay to wear white pearl ornaments.

In Japan, wearing a watch to a wedding means “caring about the time = wanting to go home early and not having a congratulatory mood.” Therefore, it is best to take off your watch when you arrive at the venue. In Taiwan, although it is not against the etiquette to wear a watch, it is recommended that you change your watch to match your outfit to make the whole ensemble more formal.

Things that are considered unlucky
It is better to avoid black items considered inauspicious or furs that remind people of killing. Even if the couple doesn’t care, it may be considered unlucky because there will be family members of the bride and groom or older relatives and friends present at the wedding.

The most elegant texture necklace with clothing

The dresses you wear when you are invited to a wedding are usually designed with a wider neckline than a normal dress. Therefore, if you don’t wear a too simple necklace, it will give people a monotonous feeling. According to the overall feeling of the clothing, pick a more ornate necklace! In addition, a necklace designed with 2 or 3 loops means “good luck,” which is a very auspicious thing!

pearl leaf necklace

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Air Ball Necklace

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Natural Stone Necklace

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Hairstyle with the right place・Texture hair accessories

Hair accessories play a very important role when wearing dresses. Putting on the right hair accessories can add to the overall brilliance. If you can match the color and material of the dress, shoes, and handbag you are wearing on the day, it will give a sense of unity to the whole.

Antique Flower Hairpin

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These vintage hair barrettes are made of rhinestone, faux crystal, and metal alloy, durable and shining; Vintage style with navy blue crystal design make them exquisite and attractive, and flower and butterfly shape add charm to your hairstyle.

Flower weave hair clip

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Antique gold leaf small flower

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This product is inspired by white plum and combined with petals with pearl luster; The goods are assembled and made by hand to ensure that the accessories stay firmly on the hairpin.

Earrings for a good feeling

When you attend a wedding reception, you usually wear your hair up. If you can wear earrings, you can make the side profile of your face more beautiful. When talking with the bride and groom, it is easy for them to see each other so that you can choose earrings with more texture. In addition, it is best to avoid dangling earrings that attract attention or earrings with large ornaments to prevent yourself from attracting more attention than the bride.

Mermaid Earrings

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These gorgeous seashell dangle drop earrings are the perfect accessory to add a nautical touch to any outfit. From the elegant teal shells decorated with a delicate gold accent to the unique standout statement pieces, you’re sure to find a style suited for various tastes.

Asymmetrical air bubbles. Pearl earrings

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Bohemia Designs, Special Earring fit for daily wearing and other occasions, like parties, dinners, travel, wedding, etc.

Embroidery Earrings・Vintage Rose

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Dangle earrings featuring long ear wire with iridescent stones and pink rose drop embellished with delicate mixed stone accents. Earrings are set in gold-tone metal with a shepherd’s hook closure.

An elegant bracelet to enhance the glow of your hands

Your wrist will stand out when signing autographs at the reception desk, eating, or taking pictures with your cell phone. For clothing that exposes your arms (such as short-sleeved dresses), wear a bracelet or bracelet to add a touch of glamour to your wrist.

Freshwater pearl bracelet

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This is a genuine pearl bracelet made with freshwater cultured baroque pearls and a high-quality elastic cord; the Stretch is strong. It’s a very simple pearl beads stretch bracelet for women and girls; the cord knot is hidden in a silver spacer ball.

Tri-Tone Bangle Bracelet

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These timeless bangle bracelets feature an easy-to-wear stretch design and multi-tone beads that add the finishing touch to any outfit.

Let the dressing also show the blessing from the heart

Although it is easier to choose the right accessories for a wedding by focusing on etiquette. However, if you understand the meaning of etiquette, you can enjoy the fun of fashion at the same time. Pay attention to the etiquette, but also, to let the couple leave a better memory, do your best to dress up!

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