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[How to wear a ring] Fashion is a new way to wear! The best finger rings for nail art

Have you heard of the “knuckle ring” that can make your fingers more gorgeous? Knuckle rings have become a popular topic since last year, and those who like accessories must try them out.

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And what exactly is a knuckle ring? What’s the point of wearing it on which finger? This time, I would like to introduce the little knowledge you need to know when wearing a knuckle ring.

What is a popular knuckle ring that makes fingertips more gorgeous?

The knuckle ring, also known as the knuckle ring, is different from the ordinary ring worn to the end but is worn on the first and second joints of the finger middle. It makes the fingers look more slender and beautiful because the eye can be focused on the slender fingertips. In addition, knuckle rings are often used in conjunction with nail polish, and in Japan, they are even called “nail painted rings.”

In addition to the original ring, there are more combinations with knuckle rings. Also, the knuckle ring size can usually be worn on the little finger as a tail ring, which can be worn in two different ways. Even if you wear many of them, they will not look too heavy, and it is a popular item recently.

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How to wear a knuckle ring? The recommended way of wearing a knuckle ring and matching

It is different from ordinary rings. People who have never worn knuckle rings will not know how to wear them at first. ! First, let’s introduce the three recommended knuckle ring wearing methods.

(1) Pair a normal ring with a knuckle ring

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To make the knuckle ring look great, If you are fashionable, you need multiple rings to match. Wearing the ring on the base of the finger and knuckles, the overall visual effect looks better, especially on the longest middle finger.

If you want to wear multiple rings, it is recommended to choose a simple and thinner ring.

2 Match with nail polish and knuckle rings as highlights

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Knuckle rings close to the nails, perfect for pairing with nail polish. Choose a knuckle ring that is suitable for the color and pattern of the nail polish, and the overall shape is more consistent.

⑶ Decide where to wear according to the wish you want to achieve

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If a finger-knot ring is usually worn, the effect will differ depending on the finger you wear. The ten fingers on the left and right have different meanings.

Right hand or left hand? The knuckle ring has different meanings according to the wearing finger

○ Index finger

Wear the ring on the right index finger = to guide the dream to reality

…improve concentration and action, exert leadership, enhance willpower, and realize dreams

The ring is worn on the index finger of the left hand = pointing in the right direction

…improving energy and motivation, guiding the direction of life

○ Middle finger

Ring on the right middle finger=improves luck

…Excluded Bad luck brings good luck, intuition, lover recruiting

Ring on left middle finger = better interpersonal relationships

…improves judgment, improves coordination Ability, improves interpersonal relationships

○ Ring finger

Wearing the ring on the ring finger of the right hand = enhances creativity

…increasing inspiration and peace of mind

Wearing the ring on the ring finger of the left hand = the finger of vows

…love development, engagement, wish fulfillment

○ Pinky

The ring is worn on the pinky finger of the right hand = as an amulet

…expressive, attractive, seizing opportunities

The ring is worn on the little finger of the left hand = attracting changes

…calling for opportunities, fulfilling wishes, recruiting lovers

○ Thumb

Ring on the right thumb=Leadership

…Developing leaders ability, the courage to solve difficulties

The ring is worn on the left thumb = to achieve the dream

…improve the strength to implement the belief, achieve the goal

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