The real “lazy” people do not even want to close their own curtains, this electric curtains you definitely deserve to have

Intelligent curtain contemporary household begins gradually “lazy change,” sweep the floor to wash a dish big or small to pull a curtain; intelligent life improves household comfort.

However, many friends also questioned the smart curtain, just help pull a curtain, is it necessary?”

Advantages and disadvantages of electric curtains

The advantages of smart curtains must be said.

1、High convenience and intelligent control of indoor light.

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2, It Can be timed to switch on and off and wake you up in the early morning.

People who have difficulty getting up often sleep unconsciously once the alarm clock is turned off, install a smart curtain that can be opened every day at regular intervals; the alarm clock does not wake you up; let the morning sun wake you up.

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Wireless Remote control, a curtain remote included; Schedule setting: timing, sunset, and sunrise automation control; Pull Curtain by hand, automatic open/close.

3, Strong sense of ceremony and high aesthetics.

Night falls, the curtain slowly pulls up, on the branches, into the bedside, gauze curtain slowly opens, the ritual sense is strong.

4, Installing smart curtains saves a lot of effort for the spatial living room.

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For the sitting room OF SUCH height, often can have small partner TO ask, the arm that OWNER pulls a curtain is OK?

Install an intelligent curtain; everything is not a problem!

How to choose electric curtains?

Electric curtain, also need to choose well, choose and buy strategy, go!

1, motor

The motor’s power supply has two main types: plug-in and lithium battery.

● The plug-in version is more convenient to use and does not need to be picked up at a later stage, but it needs to be connected to a 220v socket, which is planned in the plumbing decoration link and not suitable for later installation.
● Lithium battery version is relatively more expensive but does not have to be connected to a socket, suitable for intelligent curtains not installed in the decoration. Still, about half a year needs to be disassembled and re-charged, and the convenience of use is slightly lower.

2、Track opening and closing

For the opening and closing of the track, there are two main types: side opening and center opening.

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△Side opening

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There are more people to choose from in the middle opening.

Note on selection: The center opening requires two boom arms + two curtains, while the side opening is one boom arm + one curtain, and the track opening and closing method should match the curtain selection.

3、Control mode

① Physical button + touch open and close

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The most basic switch function is the remote button control and light touch switch.

Advantages: simple control and power outages can also be used as normal curtains.
Disadvantages: relatively single function.

②Mobile phone control + timer switch

A little more intelligent, that is, can be controlled by a cell phone! One machine in hand, I have curtains!

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Advantages: You can design a timer switch and remote control, and the open curtain range can also be controlled.
For example, if you need to get up at 7:00 a.m., the curtains open at 7:00 a.m. regularly to open a good mood for the day.
To the company, remember that the curtains are not closed home privacy is not good; you can also close the cell phone control.
I only want to open half of the curtains, but it also can be.

③Voice switch

For the installation of the overall intelligent system at home, they can also be directly voice controlled through them.

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Selection Note: When purchasing, you need to see if the product is compatible with the intelligent voice assistant at home.

④Body sensing

If you want to be more intelligent, you can install a human infrared sensor device to open the function; the person walks to the window, and the curtains can automatically open and close!

4、Curtain fabric

The choice of fabric for smart curtains is not much different from ordinary curtains, mainly cotton and linen, polyester, and velvet.

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●Polyester is cost-effective and is the most suitable fabric for curtains. Velvet has a high value but is expensive and hard to take care of. Cotton and linen are easy to deform, so it is not recommended.
●Curtains can be 1.5-2 times as many times as you want.
The size of the curtain can be about 3-5cm off the ground.

5、Installation of electric curtains

Finally, let’s talk about the installation of electric curtains!

Installation Notes:
①Confirm that you want to install electric curtains; when the plumbing is constructed, you should reserve the socket.
②When installing curtain boxes by carpenters, for single-track curtains, the width of the curtain box should be reserved 10cm up and down; for double-track curtains, the width of the curtain box should be reserved 15cm up and down.
For example, if only one blackout curtain is installed, it is usually a single-track curtain; if a blackout curtain + screen curtain is installed, two tracks are needed, that is, double-track!

Whether it is a dishwasher, intelligent toilet, smart curtains, or the overall smart home, some people think it is good to use, some think it is not necessary, practical or not, or to see whether the product matches their lives.

For slightly better conditions, the home of the larger area, smart curtains or very nice!

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