The unknown history of plaid, autumn and winter wear the five popular plaid introduction

Once autumn arrives, you often see the figure of plaid on the road. Various items often show checkered designs, whether it’s a checkered skirt, bag, or scarf.

Let me ask you, when you hear checkered, what kind of checkered pattern comes to your mind first? Is it the classic Scottish pattern? Or the popular Chidori pattern? If you can think of more than 10 patterns, congratulations, you are a pattern pass!

Then let’s ask another question. Do you know the origin and history of the patterns that come to mind? I think even if you are familiar with the types of patterns, you should be able to know the history of patterns.

Today, we will introduce five kinds of patterns you can never go wrong with starting this fall. Our love for the pattern will grow as long as we know the history.

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What is a plaid?

Plaid refers to the plaid formed when the horizontal and longitudinal lines cross each other at a certain interval.

Plaid appeared very early in human history. Mummies from ancient Egypt in 1200 BC have been found wrapped in tartan cloth. Are you surprised by the long history of plaid?

We also know that many kinds of plaid are the color and the width of the grain slightly change the combination; you can produce a variety of named plaid. The FAMOUS plaid patterns in Japan, such as the checkerboard pattern, thousand bird pattern,” etc., are many famous types of plaid patterns worldwide!

Unexpected varieties of plaid

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There are many types of plaid. Here are the ones you often hear.

· Scottish Tattoo
· Ling, case grain
· Garton check
· Glengram
· Plover lines
· Checkerboard pattern
· Wells plaid
· Checkerboard pattern
· Window lattice
· Tatsell print
…, etc.

Some of the above examples must be “heard of this one!” “Or” This is the first time I’ve heard it! !!!! Actually, I don’t know everything myself. Even if it seems to have heard the name of the plaid when asked, “what does the plaid look like?” I can’t seem to answer it again. Even if you can’t remember all the plaid patterns, a few classic plaid patterns and origins aren’t missed!

Autumn and winter are the most popular five kinds of lattice introduction

Now let’s introduce the five most popular plaid patterns for autumn and winter from the many types of plaid patterns. After knowing the history of each type of plaid, the origin of its name, and the characteristics of the plaid, don’t miss the single product of the plaid this fall!

1. The twists and turns of the traditional plaid・Tartan

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Scottish plaid is a plaid pattern in which more than two colors of wool are woven together. If there is a representative of autumn and winter plaid, we should think of Scottish plaid first!

One of the origins of tartan is a word called a tiretaine in French or a tiretana in Spanish. It was later collectively called “tartan” in English.

The origin of the Scots tattoo can be traced back to the Celtic people who lived in the Highlands of northwest Scotland in the third century BC. The Scots pattern was a regular plaid pattern worn daily by the Celts.

By 1707, however, Scotland and England were at war over the succession to the throne. In the end, England won the war, and the English government banned using the plaid, a symbol of the Scottish Highlands. Because the ban dealt a severe blow to the culture of the Scottish tattoo, fortunately, some people were outside the law (e.g., women), and those outside the law worked hard to preserve the traditional plaid, and we can see the Scottish tattoo today.

According to different purposes and purposes, there will be different plaid; for example, some symbolize a regional plaid, a family emblem, etc. Now common in the world, Tartan has been listed on the Scottish Government’s Register for preservation and management. Therefore, anything not registered as a Scottish tattoo cannot be called a tartan.

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The impression of Scotland as red or warm color is based on plaid, but there is also a blue based on green and black plaid, also known as the “Black Guard regiment” Scotland.

2. Originated from Scottish plaid・Argyle Check

Argyle Check is a lattice of thin lines and diamonds in succession. It is often used on boys’ clothes, sweaters, or curtains. The evident and classic look of the rhomb allows him to set off a different atmosphere, even when paired with a single item.

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3. Evolved from dog teeth・Houndstooth

The name “Houndstooth” comes from “hound” + “tooth,” though we now call it “Houndstooth.” The plaid pattern is composed of black and white. Although it is a simple two-color plaid pattern, it is very existential and gives people a sense of retro.

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4. Under the thin lines・Glen Plaid

Glen Plaid, also known as Glen Plaid, is a Plaid pattern made up of Plaid Plaid and strands of hair (a metaphor for thin lines like hair). A slender grid characterizes him with a gray base. The simple and mature sense of Glen Plaid as long as wearing Glen Plaid can make the overall wear look refined and mature.

Glen Plaid, originally a type of Tartan, is said to have appeared in the 14th century. The name Glen Plaid comes from many sources, such as the Plaid pattern woven by Glen in Akter, Scotland, or the short name of Glenurquhart Check, the home pattern of the Glenurquhart family.

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5. No limit to spring and summer, easy to match・Gingham Check

Gingham Check is made of blue and pink on a white base, which gives people a refreshing feeling. Because of his refreshing image, Gingham Check is often seen on spring and summer fashion items. But if you put on black or coffee, you can wear plaid all year. In addition to clothing, doilies, aprons, and other kitchen supplies often appear Gingham Check!

Gingham Check’s name means “Horizontal and horizontal,” and some say it comes from the Malay word Genggang or Guingamp, a place name in Brittany, France.

Gingham Check is a little different from the previous four plaid histories. It appeared in Manchester, England, around the 18th century. The UK was undergoing the industrial revolution at that time, and the cotton textile industry was developing rapidly. Manchester Textile Factory, which played an important role in the cotton textile industry then, is the origin of Gingham Check.

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After understanding the history, you can feel the charm of plaid.

It’s hard to imagine that plaid has been around for so long in human history. After understanding the origin of various plaid patterns, usually in the selection of plaid type single product, is it more able to master their want plaid accessories? This autumn and winter, and plaid grain spent together!

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