Glamour garnet with red radiance

Following the birthstone “Turquoise” in December last time, this time, I will introduce the birthstone “Garnet” in January and a selection of garnet works. Contrasted with the blue-green turquoise, the dazzling red of garnet is in line with the New Year’s weather, bringing good luck to the new year.

Garnet Little Knowledge

Garnet from It has been commonly used as a gemstone since the Bronze Age. In medieval Europe, it was considered a “sacred stone” that brought people courage and hope, and soldiers even brought garnets into battle as amulets. In the Bible, Noah’s Ark is illuminated with garnets, and the light of garnets is so shining.

Garnet, which looks like pomegranate seeds, is “Garnet” in English. A natural stone that can be harvested with hard work. Therefore, it is also recommended for those who want to achieve success in love or work.

In addition, garnet has meanings such as “authenticity”, “passion”, “friendship” and “prosperity”, which in addition to giving people strength, can also deepen people friendship with people.

Glamour garnet jewelry with red radiance

◇Styling Unique natural plant style

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Birthstone solitaire pendant necklace featuring a round birthstone prong-set in high polished sterling silver

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Peridot received its moniker as ‘Gem of the Sun’ from ancient Egyptians who recovered the gems from Pallasite meteorites, iron-nickel meteorites, containing Forsterite

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MEASUREMENTS: 8x6mm Oval Green Peridot, 8x6mm Oval Red Garnet, 1x1mm Round White Zirconia. The total Carat Weight is 2.6 cttw.

If peridot is green leaves, then garnets are red flowers! The creator matched natural stones of various colors to make a vine-shaped necklace, which shone like a small garden in front of his chest. Each natural stone has a different energy, and the vine garden brings you a rich variety of lucky powers.

◇Fresh and simple classic style

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Premium quality genuine garnet gemstone measuring 7mm and surrounded by a halo bezel of solid 14k gold. Each pendant comes with a complimentary, lightweight, solid 14k cable chain measuring 18 inches. Because of the unique natural characteristics of gemstones, stone shades may vary. Garnet is the birthstone for January birthdays.

A simple natural stone, coupled with a high-end 14K gold chain, adds a little texture to everyday life. In addition to simplicity, the triangular shape with ingenuity also makes people’s eyes brighter. In addition to lining the sweater in winter, wearing clothes with a lower neckline in summer also keeps the chest from looking too monotonous.

Gold Garnet Coiled Ring

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1 Oval Faceted Cut Genuine Red Garnet, 1.40 carats, 8 mm x 6 mm

Unlike ordinary rings, the coiled ring made of metal wire is more slender and delicate. The material is also made of 14K gold that is not easy to fade, so even hand accessories that are easy to collide can be worn with peace of mind. Different from necklaces and earrings, rings can also be seen by oneself in ordinary times. They are suitable to be worn at work or in class to cheer for oneself.

14k Yellow Gold Round Gemstone Birthstone Cable Bracelet and Anklet

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If you don’t want to be too noticeable, wear a gemstone anklet on your ankle, the slightly exposed appearance is also very beautiful! If you want more people to see it, you can also ask the creator to change it to a bracelet, which shines no matter how you move your hands.

◇Exquisite and delicate girl route

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Garnets with beautiful colors like ripe red grapes, 7 earrings on the left and right, like earrings of rice and crystal lamps. Dates, class reunions or parties, and other days when you want to dress up, let it add points to your style in your ear!

Handmade 925 Silver Wire Braided Bracelet with Garnet Decoration

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Hand-woven with fine 925 silver thread to resemble lace, The bracelet is decorated with some garnets in the middle, which are exquisite, delicate, and easy to match. It can also be worn with other bracelets, and the multi-layered shapes have different flavors.

14K Gold Red Garnet Earrings

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Delicate earrings in rose garnet. Rose garnet is a type of garnet with a purple color, as elegant as a purple rose. Compared to the mystical deep red of ordinary garnets, rose garnets are sweeter in color and match Asian skin tones.

Various styles of garnet jewelry, which one do you like best?

if you have a lot of wishes to achieve, you might as well wear garnet jewelry on your body to bring more harvest to the new year!

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