How do colleagues in the company choose Christmas gifts?

Have you figured out how to enjoy Christmas and what Christmas gifts to prepare?

In addition to preparing Christmas gifts for the partner and family members, there are always activities to exchange gifts between company colleagues or school classmates.

After everyone has decided the budget for the gift, how do you choose the right gift within the budget? What will you choose? By exchanging gifts, you may discover the creative and attentive side of your friends and colleagues!

Let’s take a look. How did they choose gifts?

Critical points for gift exchange in the workplace

Even for colleagues who see each other every day, the preferences and interests of the other party are not easy to grasp, so it becomes quite difficult to choose gifts.

Through this Christmas gift exchange event, we will organize the key points of choosing gifts for you as follows:

・Seasonal Items: (Example) Items with seasonal plants or patterns
・Practical but not too many items: (Example) Small household items such as soy sauce dish, chopstick rest
・Items that you don’t buy often: (Example) Daily groceries, small healing items
・Items full of stories: (For example) backgrounds or ideas of creators

How to choose a gift?

Giving gifts among colleagues in the workplace, depending on the purpose of birthdays, farewell parties, etc., Gift exchange for social occasions generally sets the price of the gift, so it is not advisable to deviate too far from the specified price when shopping for a gift, not too cheap and not too expensive. A gift that is too expensive may be a burden to the recipient and may attract unwanted attention.

Gift recommendation

Healing candles

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This candle can help during meditation and yoga practices to purify the surrounding energy. Good luck candle attracts good vibes. White sage is used in traditional cleansing rituals with solid aromatic properties to drive away negative energy, bad dreams, negative influences, and sickness.

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An Egg

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These cute eggs are ideal decorations for parties and also suitable as decorations for kitchens, tables, shops, offices, etc., to add more vibes.

The Christmas patterns are delicately drawn around the candles to suit the scene, and it will make you feel very good just by looking at them!

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Essential Oil Diffuser

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With this ceramic humidifier, you can add a few drops of essential oils to get the value of essential oils quickly, moisturize your skin, relieve stress, relieve fatigue, get rid of dry air, and help you and your family sleep at ease. It can also be used as a birthday, Christmas, or housewarming gift for family or friends.

A refreshing and elegant gift. Glass Flower Vase

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The mosaic flower vase is handmade by experienced craftsmen. This traditional technology lasts for centuries; hundreds of decorative glass are manually pasted on the glass vase to form a unique and beautiful pattern. Therefore, each vase is unique, and the appearance of each vase is not the same.

Silk scarf

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This silk scarf can be used all year round for sun protection from the sun and to keep warm in cold weather. It not only fits for everyday use but also fits for parties, weddings, traveling, ceremonies, and any essential events; an exquisite gift for women and girls.

The big square scarf can not only be used as a silk scarf, Make up the shape, and can also be tied to the bag, very practical!

Exchanging gifts to enhance friendship

Each gift can feel “the gift giver’s taste.” By exchanging gifts in the workplace and feeling a happy mood when receiving gifts, it can also increase the dialogue and interaction between colleagues.
With the melody of Christmas songs, the moment of opening the gift is always full of excitement and heartbeat. This Christmas, pick up a special gift for your family, friends, or work colleagues!

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