Interesting Facts About Cats, Did You Know?

Cats are one of the most popular pets, their personalities are very different from dogs, and people often joke that it is too much to own a dog– A loyal friend. Still, cat owners will become cat slaves because cats are more independent and arrogant than dogs, and they have the feeling that humans want to serve them. Even so, cats often do a lot of cuteness. The behavior makes the owners feel that even if they become cat slaves, they are very willing! But do you understand cats? Now it’s time to share 6 interesting facts about cats.

①The genes of cats are 95.6% identical to those of tigers

Anyone who owns cats should know that cats like to “hunt” very much, especially when playing with cat toys, they usually fly up, and even before flying, they will lower their bodies and prepare to wait for an opportunity to pounce. The behavior of the prey, or stalking the prey first and then waiting for the opportunity to strike. These behaviors of cats are very similar to those of tigers when they hunt, in fact, because they share 95.6% of their genes with tigers! Therefore, pet toys that can relieve stress are very important for cats.

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Organic Catnip Input Cat Toy: Filled with the right amount of organic catnip, healthy and safe for your cats, this toy can let your cats get excited and happy when playing with it. Natural catnip is also suitable for cats to promote digestion and adjust emotions, making them more relaxed.

②Cats can taste the air

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Cats are considered to be the only mammals that cannot taste sweet, but they can taste the air! So sometimes you’ll find that when they seem to be smelling something, they open their mouths a little and let the smells in the air run into their mouths, and the taste in their mouths is more appetite-stimulating.

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Just put When cat food is slightly warmed, cats can taste more appetite-stimulating aromas in the air with their mouths.

③Cats can jump as high as six times their body length

Cats can jump and love to jump. Everyone knows that, but did you know that cats can jump up to six times their body length? Therefore, pet supply stores will sell cat jumping platforms or various climbing frames to let them jump and play. When cats jump or walk, they use their tails to keep their balance at all times. If you have cats at home, you can observe the movements of their tails!

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▼The cat house where cats can jump freely

Super luxurious cat house on the floor can not only rest in the house, but also play as a jumping platform, and even has the function of a cat scratching board.

④Cats have the largest proportion of eyes among all mammals

Do you also think cats have big eyes? Compared with the whole face, the cat’s eyes are very large, ranking first among all mammals. Although cats have cute big eyes, they are actually short-sighted, but their peripheral vision and night vision are very strong!

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▼Big eyes cat

cat Those big, round eyes are so cute no matter how you look at them, even if you are angry with them, you will immediately soften your heart.

⑤The cat walks almost silently

Cats have pink flesh balls on the soles of their feet, allowing them to approach you in a near-silent manner. Cat owners should have experienced the situation where the cat is clearly around, but has not noticed it at all. It is recommended to put a collar with a bell on the cat, so as not to accidentally bump, kick or step on them.

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▼Cat Collar with Bells

To It is especially important to note that the bell should be quieter. If it is too loud, cats with sensitive hearing will feel uncomfortable!

⑥Cats are also divided into left-handed and right-handed

Cats seem to be very flexible with both hands, but about 40% of cats are left-handed and right-handed just like humans! Most male cats are left-handed, while most female cats are right-handed. Cat owners can observe your cat to see if it is ambidextrous or left/right handed.

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▼Practical scratching board

Whether you are left-handed or right-handed , will need a cat scratching board for the cat to grind the claws on its hands.

After reading this article, do you think cats are more interesting? Finally, let’s share some cat pattern products that will make cat lovers accidentally swipe to buy them home.

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The kitty plushie looks cute, cuddly, and adorable. The stuffed cat is super soft and durable, will not easily tear or rip, and can withstand chewing and similar abuse. A medium-sized, floppy body, durable kitten plush pillow will be more interesting than one with delicate pieces or material.

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