[Teaching how to wear a ring] How to choose a ring? Choose the ring that suits you from the thickness and length of your fingers!

Don’t know what kind of ring to choose for your finger, or always feel that the ring doesn’t look good on your hand??
I believe that many people have had the experience of picking a ring they like, but because their fingers are thicker, they look more bloated when they wear them, or their fingers are too short to support the ring’s texture. Fingers are the same as height and foot size. Everyone has different sizes and ratios. As long as you know which type of finger you belong to, you can choose a suitable ring and enjoy the fun of wearing a ring!
This time, I will recommend suitable ring types for various types of fingers; I hope it will be your reference for choosing rings!

1. Thick×Short/Small and Round Fingers
Suitable design—V shape, S shape, not too thick & too thin design

2. thick × long/slender rounded fingers
suitable Design ー A plump, wide, gorgeous & design with a presence

3. Slim×Short/Slim & Slim Fingers
Suitable Design ーSophisticated Style, V-Shaped Design

4. Slim×Long/Slim Slim Fingers
Suitable Design—Lines, Ornaments×Fine Design

The most important first step in choosing a ring is to understand the characteristics of your fingers!
This time, according to the characteristics of four different types of fingers, I will introduce suitable design styles and which design rings should be avoided for these four types of fingers.

You may wish to stretch out your hand to observe which kind your hand belongs to, and with the introduction of the article, I believe you can pick out your own ring!

\Thick × Short/Small Round Fingers

Short and thick small round fingers , it is easy to give a childish impression. Also because it is easier to appear swollen, it cannot easily show the characteristics of the ring.

“Design to Fit”

In the design, the lines of the ring appear like the English letter “V”. Wearing a V-shaped ring will make your fingers visually longer and can decorate your fingers.

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This ring is a beautiful and elegant cocktail ring, a perfect anniversary gift, wedding gift, mother’s day gift, birthday gift, holiday gift or gift, I love you!
The line design of the ring is like the English letter “S,” like a wavy shape. Feel make the fingers more slender.

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Mignon Engraved Hug Ring] Minimalism meets elegance in this simple hug ring. Personalize it with a name, initials, or a cute heart to give a personal touch that will warm the hearts of your loved one. It is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Plump fingers, wearing rings that are too thick or too thin, are more likely to appear fat on the fingers. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a style with a moderate width.

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If you like simple designs, choosing rings with moderate thickness and a little sense of weight is recommended; the wavy design can modify your fingers and make the fingertips slender.
Like the way of wearing in the picture, you can choose the bracelet and bracelet of the same color as the ring so that you can have a refreshing sense of shape and give people a mature image.

\Thick×Long/Slim and Rounded Fingers

If you are thick, round, and slender For fingers, it is recommended to have a more individual ring, which is easier to highlight the characteristics of the ring. For example, a larger ring or a gorgeous design is quite suitable.

“Suitable Design”

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The ring with a round shape like a moon is a simple style, so those with “round and slender fingers” can choose confidently.

A wide ring can beautify your fingers and make them look Not too thick.

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the couple rings are made of quality copper, durable and sturdy, not easy to fade or break, safe and comfortable for you to wear, and will accompany you for a long time.

The firm and thick fingers give people the feeling of being mature adults. Therefore, it is suitable for a design ring with a full sense of presence and a gorgeous sense.

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Even the same kind of natural stone will have different colors, shapes, textures, etc., which fascinates people. If you have a “slender, garden-shaped finger,” you can also try wearing rings on other fingers, giving your fingers a sense of weight.

*There are many styles of natural stone rings; how to choose your natural stone ring?
In addition to choosing your birthstone ring according to your birthday, you can also choose according to the energy of the natural stone. Before choosing, please refer to the method of choosing your lucky jewelry from the meaning of natural stone!

\Slim × Short/Small Slim Fingers

For tiny, slender fingers, any design, The rings are pretty suitable and easy to match. But the following designs are not to be missed!

“Design to Fit”

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Wearing this stackable ring with a birthstone is a classic way to make a statement! Celebrate your birthday, your birth, or anyone special in your life!

\Slim×Long/Slim and Slim Fingers

No matter what ring style is quite suitable for slender fingers, it is also quite suitable for more personalized designs, so you can choose styles that are not usually selected, which will also make the matching more fashionable and more extensive!

“Design to Fit”

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A simple yet eye-catching sterling silver ring features ten silver beads. Beads spin and slide freely around the delicate band to create your own unique and ever-changing patterns. Great for anxiety and worry

If it is a simple design ring, It will make the fingers appear thinner, so it is recommended to wear a thin but decorative design ring.

☆ Simple design is OK too!
If you prefer a simple design rather than a design with ornaments, it is recommended to wear rings in layers. This will give your fingers a sense of weight without feeling thin.

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Enjoy fashion at your fingertips!

Introduce the tips for choosing rings for different types of fingers, hoping to make some people who worry about choosing a ring or don’t know how to wear a ring. Pick the direction of the ring. But this is just a direction for you to choose a ring, not an absolute one. So you don’t have to give up your favorite ring; choose a ring you don’t like and force yourself to wear it. The most important thing is to enjoy wearing a ring you choose according to your preferences!
The ring that suits you will make you full of energy from your fingertips and make your daily fashion wear more interesting.

Choose your ring!

Additional Remarks

Which finger does the ring wear?

It’s hard to find a ring that you like and fits your finger, but which finger should it be worn on?
The ring doesn’t just need to be worn. When the ring is worn on the ten fingers of the left and right hands, it turns out that it has different meanings according to the wearing position. Refer to the meaning of the position where the ring is worn, and choose the finger to wear the ring according to the wish or goal you want to achieve, which will make your dream go a step further!

How to wear multiple rings?

In addition to rings that can be overlapped on the same finger, multiple rings can also be worn on different fingers!

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