A few points for attention in the selection of blue color-blocking curtains

The style and color of the curtains are the key points to consider when choosing curtains. If you need some changes, you can choose color matching curtains. Blue color-blocking curtains are a relatively common color-blocking curtain, and they are applicable to a lot of space, suitable for many families and living rooms. Today, let’s take a look at a few points for attention in the selection of curtains. This will also help everyone to better use color matching curtains in order to achieve the desired effect.

Blue color-blocking curtains

Color-blocking curtains are very popular now A common usage, it has more variations than a solid color. It can be the different colors of the curtain itself, or the different dyeing methods of the curtain color itself. Of course, you can also mix and match curtains of different colors. Blue color-blocking curtains are suitable for a wide range of places, because blue gives people a little retro feeling, if combined with pure white and light coffee color, the simplicity reveals a little freshness, giving people a A touch of Mediterranean romance. Blue color-blocking curtains are suitable for the Mediterranean style, simple and fresh, yet beautiful, elegant and romantic.

A few points for attention in the selection of curtains

1. The texture of the curtains Material. At present, there are mainly cotton, silk, silk, nylon, georgette, plastic, aluminum alloy and so on. Cotton curtains are soft and comfortable, silk curtains are elegant and precious, silk curtains are luxurious and rich, beaded curtains are crystal clear, gauze curtains are soft and elegant, and so on. Curtain fabrics of different textures will produce different decorative effects. Velvet, satin, jacquard and lace decoration will give people a sense of elegance and grandeur. Gingham, corduroy, homespun, etc. can create a comfortable and comfortable style.

2. Choose suitable curtains according to different places. When choosing the texture of curtains, the function of the room should be considered. For example, in bathrooms and kitchens, it is necessary to choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash, and the style should be simple and smooth. You can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics for the living room and dining room. The curtains in the bedroom are required to be thick, warm and safe, so as to ensure the privacy of life and the comfort of sleep. The curtains of the study room should have good light transmission performance, be bright, and use elegant colors to make people feel calm when they are in it.

3. Seasonal factors should also be considered in the selection of curtain fabric texture. In summer curtains, soft yarn or silk should be used for ventilation and coolness; in winter, thick fleece cloth should be used, thick and warm; It is suitable for all seasons, but it is especially lively and lively in spring. If the room is located on a high-rise and the outdoors are open, it can be thin, gorgeous, elegant, soft and elegant; on the contrary, if the room is located in a residential-intensive, casual place or on the ground floor of a building, choose a thicker one. For example, the blinds can control the luminosity and air permeability without affecting the display of items in front of the window.

Among the many color-blocking curtains, blue color-blocking curtains are liked by many people. Its simple and generous style is more acceptable, and it is easy to blend and match with other colors and environments. But blue color-blocking curtains also have limitations in use, so you need to know more about the key points for choosing curtains on weekdays, and listening to other people’s opinions is beneficial to decorating your home.

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