What kind of curtains are light-transmitting? How to choose light-transmitting curtains?

There are many kinds of materials for curtains, and the performance of different types of material curtains will be quite different. For people who choose curtains now, many people will choose light and impervious The curtains, because such curtains can let the light shine in, but you can’t see what the people inside are doing outside, so you can protect your privacy to a great extent. When choosing, you can choose according to a certain method.

What kind of curtains are light and opaque?

When using light and opaque curtains It is very convenient, and I think the quality is relatively good. Air-conditioning windows are sealed, windproof and winter warm and light-transmitting soft curtains, the price is 879 yuan, EVA is environmentally friendly and transparent, airtight insulation partition, the price is 850 yuan.

There is a kind of double-layer gauze curtain that transmits light very well. You can’t see the inside of the room from the outside, but it is also very beautiful. For outdoor scenes, the color tone should not be too deep, and requires high brightness and soft tones, giving people a sense of elegance, comfort and tranquility. The raw material can use glossy special-shaped filaments, and the weaving process can use burnt-out, cut flowers, embroidery and printing, etc., or embellish a small amount of leno weave to bring out the high-end feeling of the fabric.

How to choose light-transmitting curtains

1. Protect privacy

For a family, no one likes their every move in the eyes of others. From this point of view, different indoor areas have different standards for privacy concerns. The public activity area of family members such as the living room has lower requirements for privacy. The living rooms of most families open the curtains during the day, so they are mostly in a decorative state. As for the bedroom, bathroom and other areas, people not only require that they cannot be seen from the outside, but also that they cannot even see the shadow. This presents the problem of choosing different curtains for different areas. We may choose translucent fabrics in the living room, while thicker fabrics are used in the bedroom.

2. Using light

In fact, to protect privacy, it still works by blocking light. The use of light mentioned here refers to the effective use of light while protecting privacy. For example, in the living room on the first and second floors, people don’t like to let people walking around outside see every move in the room, but pulling thick curtains for a long time will affect the natural lighting, so light and thin curtains similar to gauze curtains are suitable. It came into being.

3. Decorate the wall

For many ordinary families, curtains are wall decorations. Especially for some “four white floor” simple decoration families, except for a few picture frames, curtains may be left on the wall. Therefore, the color and style of curtains often play a decisive role. Similarly, for a home with hardcover, appropriate curtains will make the home more beautiful and more individual.

The above is about what kind of curtains are light-transmitting and impervious to people and how to choose light-transmitting curtains. A good selection method can greatly reduce the selection time. In fact, when buying curtains, you can Tell the relevant sales staff what performance curtains you need, and you can also ask the sales staff to introduce several curtains with different functions, and make a comparison yourself. If the general nature and performance are different, the price will also be different. .

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