When decorating your home, avoid these 5 big pitfalls when buying curtains, and learn how to save thousands of dollars!

How to choose curtains for home decoration? What are the precautions for buying curtains? It is estimated that many people will have these doubts. There are many things to pay attention to when buying curtains, and the price of curtains also varies greatly, ranging from hundreds to thousands. The beauty of the curtains affects the overall decoration of the home, and the privacy of the curtains will affect the quality of sleep, so don’t ignore the curtains when choosing curtains. Today, I’m going to tell you about the big pits in buying curtains. I’ve learned to save friends Down to thousands of dollars.

One: The components of the curtain cost

The components of the curtain cost: Cloth, auxiliary materials (fabric belt, Roman rod, Roman rod ring, hanging rail, four-claw hook and metal ring, etc.), plus labor and installation costs.

Curtain cloth: Curtain cloth is really what you get for what you pay for. Cotton, linen and linen cannot be sold at the price of canvas.

Second: Several pitfalls of buying curtains

Here I want to tell you something, but there is one thing to pay attention to when buying curtain fabrics, that is, the multiple of pleats. The general installation method (such as hanging rails, piercing rings, etc.) is 1.5 times. If it is a hole-punching installation (that is, punching a hole in the curtain, and the metal ring on the hole is directly inserted into the Roman rod), it needs 2 times. times.

The fabric of the curtain is too focused. Many consumers tend to fall into the misunderstanding of the price of fabrics when customizing curtains. As a result, the shop assistant said a few good words. Good fabrics have discounts, which makes the owners feel as if they have taken advantage of it. The money spent is basically counted on accessories, not a single penny was saved, and it was still over budget.

Again, the price of accessories for curtains is ambiguous. Custom curtains are not only the fabric of the curtain, but also accessories such as curtain rails, grommets, window screens and so on. When customizing curtains, many owners only focus on the price of the curtains themselves, ignoring these accessories, resulting in a surprise after the installation and checkout. In fact, these accessories are the easiest for merchants to manipulate.

Curtain fabric belt: Xiaobian touches his conscience and tells you with certainty that the fabric belt is where the moisture is! In the curtain shop, the cloth belt costs 8 yuan a meter, and the expensive one costs 10 yuan a meter. If you have any doubts about the price, the merchant will tell you confidently: this is from Korea, you can touch it Look! The editor just wants to say: I don’t understand anything, it’s no different from a tablecloth!

Three: How to save money when buying curtains

1. Don’t be afraid of trouble. The curtain fabrics are bought in the curtain store, and the accessories are bought in the accessory store. If they need to be processed, they are processed at the processing point, which can save at least one-third. Not to mention anything else, let’s just talk about cloth belts. The price of cloth belts in accessories stores ranges from 1.5 yuan to 3 yuan, and a metal ring is 0.8 yuan or 1 yuan.

2. Some friends don’t know the size of the decoration for the first time. It is recommended to ask the teacher more. As long as you calculate the size, you can really save a lot of money~

3. Put the window For the measurement of the size, make full use of the height of the curtain to make a fuss, and turn the curtain cloth 90 degrees, which can save a lot of money.

Measuring curtains is as easy as you can do it. Villa high windows and the like are not within the scope of this measurement. Here we only talk about the measurement of the curtain size of ordinary commercial houses. First prepare a 5-meter tape measure, a notebook and a pen.

Commercial housing generally has a lot of fabric curtains. Let me talk about the measurement method of fabric curtains first. Measurements can be divided into two types, one with curtains and the other without curtains.

The one with the curtain box is very simple. The width is the inner diameter of the curtain box, and the width is as wide as possible. The height is the height from the top of the curtain box to the ground, and the distance from the ground is generally between two centimeters and five centimeters. The number of ground clearance can be ignored, and the soft decoration hall will handle it, which generally does not affect the valuation.

Dear friends decorate the house at home, choose curtains to avoid these big pits, it is guaranteed to save friends a lot of money . You must also pay attention to the size of the curtains. First measure the size at home before buying curtains, otherwise they will not match.

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