The Roman poles on the curtains are ugly and ugly, but now they are all installed like this, very beautiful!

In home decoration, it is not difficult to install curtains with Roman rods in front of the glass, but the Roman rods cannot be hidden in the curtains, which are too prominent and very uncoordinated. And using the curtain box to install the curtains, the concealment is very good, and it does not affect the beauty of the curtains!

Three common types of curtain boxes

1. External curtain box

The external hanging curtain box, also known as the outer cover curtain box, as the name implies, is the curtain box designed above the window, usually in the Create a raised strip above the window for the curtain rollers. This kind of curtain box is more decorated in the interior without ceiling, or people who want the simple shape of the curtain box will also choose this kind of curtain box. It should be noted here that the size of the curtain box needs to be paid attention to during construction, such as its width must be 1-2 inches wider than the window. If it is as wide as the window, the curtain may not be able to completely block the light, and there will be light leakage and cracks.

The advantage of the external curtain box is that it is simple in design and easy to install. Even if there is no ceiling at home, it can be easily installed and looks very high-end.

2. Semi-embedded curtain box

Semi-embedded curtain box is also the most common type of curtain box style. Generally, semi-embedded curtain boxes can be combined with air-conditioning pipes, which can not only hide pipelines and hardware tracks, but also increase the overall sense, and perfectly combine electrical appliances with curtain boxes to create an integrated effect. It should be noted here that if the area below the curtain box is the moving line area, it must be sealed to avoid the formation of a visual gap and achieve the effect of decoration and beautification.

3. Embedded curtain box

Embedded curtain box, generally only in the case of a suspended ceiling, It is convenient to do. The design of the embedded curtain box should be designed before the ceiling. When making the ceiling, the ceiling should not be full, and the original height should be reserved by the window, and enough space should be reserved for making curtain pulleys in it, so that the curtain can Embedded, the height of the curtain is the same as the height of the roof after completion.

The embedded curtain box can make the indoor curtains look more neat and upscale, and the curtains that are consistent with the floor height will also make the indoor height look higher. In addition, you can also install indirect lighting, It can increase the atmosphere of the space. However, the embedded curtain box has certain restrictions and must be installed with a suspended ceiling, and it needs to be designed early, otherwise the suspended ceiling cannot be installed after the installation is completed.

Curtain box construction process

1. Operating Conditions

(1) The parts where keels need to be installed, such as window openings, window sills, etc., should be pre-embedded with wooden bricks or drill holes on the wall with an electric hammer, and bury wooden wedges.

(2) The skeleton installation should be carried out after the doors, windows and window sills are installed; the nailed panels should be carried out after the indoor plastering and the ground are finished.

(3) The dryness of the wood should meet the specified moisture content; the keel needs to be painted with anti-corrosion oil on three sides after paving and planing.

(4) The required mechanical equipment should be connected to the power supply and run for trial operation before official use.

(5) Before large-scale construction, a large sample map should be drawn, and a model should be made first, and it can be fully rolled out after passing the inspection.

2. Material requirements

The variety, specification and grade of wood should meet the following requirements:

(1) The keel is generally made of red and white pine drying material, The moisture content is not more than 12%. The specifications should be based on the design requirements or calculated by the force. There must be no decay, scarring, splitting, twisting, etc., and anti-corrosion treatment should be done in advance. The moisture content of red and white pine drying materials can be directly measured on site using a wood moisture content meter, and the measurement depth reaches 2cm of the wood surface. When it is necessary to measure the moisture content inside and outside the full section of the wood, cut off 20cm from the end of the wood and measure it immediately.

(2) The panel is generally made of plywood with a thickness not less than 3mm, and the color and pattern should be as close as possible. Plywood is divided into three grades, and the quality standards of each grade meet the requirements of GB738 and GB1349.

(3) Panels and decorative panels can be semi-finished products processed by factories, and there should be corresponding factory certificates. Accessories: latex, nails (or air nails), wood screws, wood sandpaper, anti-corrosion oil, etc.

Installing curtains and choosing curtain boxes can achieve the beauty of curtains. When doing curtain decoration, you also need to pay attention to some details of curtain box installation and the steps of curtain installation.

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