Quotation for curtains? What materials are the curtains made of?

When decorating the home, curtains are naturally indispensable. Curtains can not only improve the overall aesthetics, but also have the function of insulating dust and noise, so it is a must for the home For the missing products, when choosing curtains, some people want to know the price list of curtains in advance, so that they can know the approximate cost of the curtains. In addition, they should also know the materials of the curtains.

Curtain quotation?

1. There is a special formula for how to calculate the quotation of curtains, that is, the quotation of each curtain = the quotation of two terminals + the quotation of pull wire + the length of track * the track per meter Quotation + window width * window height * quotation per square meter of curtain. Then the price of curtain lace price = price per square meter of lace * (curtain width * 2 + curtain height * 2) These are the calculation formulas of some curtains.

And the price calculation method of this curtain is also a common calculation method in the field of curtain market today, and the overall price of curtains included in some markets may be calculated from the price of this curtain From the method, it may be priced according to the production cost of the curtains.

2. It should be calculated according to the fabric of the curtain. A kind of fabric introduced by the editor is chemical fiber fabric. Chemical fiber fabric is pure spinning, blended or interlaced fabric processed with chemical fiber. Smooth, not easy to shrink, easy to manage, durable, bright color, but not very user-friendly, the material is not pure natural, so the price of this kind of curtain is relatively cheap, the price of curtain in the market is about 15 -30 yuan. But from the product point of view, the patterns are varied and rich, and they are not overwhelming at all. This kind of color matching makes people have a gorgeous beauty. The most important thing is the price of this curtain, which is very affordable!

3. Silk fabrics are relatively good. Silk fabrics have good dyeing properties, and the gloss of silk is relatively good. It feels soft and light, and the patterns are rich and colorful. It is extravagant and unique. Nowadays, many curtains are made of silk fabrics, which are also very popular. The price of curtains made of silk fabrics is calculated to be 120-400 yuan/meter. When it comes to the price of curtains, I don’t think it is very important. The most important thing is the material, the pattern, and the sense of coordination with the entire home space. This is the most important thing. Of course, the price of curtains depends on your preference Just within the budget.

What materials are the curtains made of?

1. Cotton (COTTON)

The cotton is a natural material, woven from natural cotton, with good water absorption and air permeability, and a great touch , the dyeing color is bright. The disadvantages are: easy to shrink (dry cleaning is recommended), not resistant to sunlight, and cotton fabrics are more likely to be damaged than other fabrics for a long time.

2. Linen (LINEN)

In fact, linen is also a natural material. The fabrics made of fibers extracted from the stems of plants are roughly divided into coarse linen and fine linen. Points, coarse hemp features rough, and fine hemp is relatively delicate. Curtains made of hemp have natural fibers and rich natural texture, natural lines, and are not easy to dye. Therefore, natural linen usually has few colors to choose from. The design and deployment of linen curtains tend to be more natural decorations, and sometimes they need to bring some small roughness, such as small novelty characteristics. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to maintain, it needs to be cleaned with alkaline water, and it needs to be gently scrubbed. It must be laid flat to dry and ironed with an iron, otherwise it is easy to lose color and wrinkle.

3. Nylon (NYLON)

In fact, nylon is made of chemical materials. In order to enhance the functionality of the fabric, it is usually woven together with other materials. Its characteristics are: the fabric is not easy to wrinkle, mildew, and has enhanced friction resistance, and at the same time has extra functions that natural materials such as not being afraid of insects cannot have.

4. Artificial fiber (POLYESTER)

Related artificial fiber is now widely used in curtain materials. Super functional: such as resistance to sunlight, not easy to deform, anti-friction, good dyeing property, it belongs to mixing with other natural materials to enhance the function and lifespan.

5. Silk (SILK)

Silk is also a pure natural material, a fabric made from silkworm cocoons. Its characteristics are: silk is bright and beautiful, smooth to the touch, and very luxurious. Shaman is often made of silk. However, the price of pure silk is more expensive, and now there are more mixed silks on the market, which have enhanced functionality, longer life, and slightly cheaper prices.

The above text introduces you to the curtain quotation list. After reading the introduction, people should have mastered it. In terms of price, everyone knows that it is mainly related to the brand and quality. If you want good quality, then don’t just be stingy with the price, you must know that you get what you pay for. In addition, what materials are there for curtains, so many types of materials can meet people’s needs?

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