What kind of wallpaper does mahogany floor match? What kind of curtains are good for mahogany furniture?

Compared with other ordinary floors, mahogany flooring is more expensive because of the preciousness of mahogany. What kind of wallpaper is better? If it is not well matched, it will make the whole family eclipsed. At the same time, what kind of curtains are good for mahogany furniture? We will answer these questions.

1. What wallpaper goes with mahogany floor

Mahogany furniture is unique to our country. It is antique, exquisite in material selection, exquisite in craftsmanship, environmentally friendly and healthy, giving people a rich cultural connotation and Chinese characteristics. Therefore, mahogany furniture is generally suitable for Chinese-style decoration and new Chinese-style decoration. That being the case, if you want mahogany furniture to be harmoniously matched with the surrounding environment, you must pursue simplicity and elegance in the choice of walls and floors, which are simple and have Chinese characteristics. White latex paint or light-colored wallpaper can be used for the wall, and wood flooring, stone, or floor tiles can be selected for the floor. Of course, on the floor, you can also lay carpets.

The color that is easy to match with red is white, which can make red more conspicuous and give people a pure feeling; black is also a suitable color for matching, with a stable atmosphere. Because it is a strong contrasting color, do not use matching colors in the same ratio, such as red shirts and sweaters with black skirts and trousers, etc. Red clothes must be used to match them. Gray is also a color that goes well with red, and it works well together.
except these In addition to color, red can also be matched with blue, pink, brown, etc., but it is easy to fail if you don’t pay attention. If you want to match these colors, it will look better if you mix it with white (such as red, white, and blue, or red, white, and green).

Second, what kind of curtains are good for mahogany furniture?

1. Style: There are many styles of curtains, and there are simple and elegant styles, fashionable and elegant According to the color and shape design of mahogany furniture, choose matching curtains.

2. How to choose curtains: When purchasing curtains, pay attention to the height, width, and thickness of the curtains. Thin and thin are not suitable, so measure the size in advance, and choose according to the interior decoration style.

3. The principle of curtain design: when choosing curtains, the color of the curtains should be able to set off the beauty of the furniture. When matching the curtains, I chose a retro-colored curtain, which looks very unmatched. I didn’t do a simple analysis on what wallpaper goes with the mahogany floor, because mahogany generally has a Chinese style, so don’t match it Wallpapers that are too exaggerated, but some more Chinese-style wallpapers should be chosen. As for what kind of curtains are good for mahogany furniture, this is the same, and the choice is more Chinese style. At the same time, when choosing mahogany furniture, choose regular manufacturers or merchants to buy, so as not to buy fake products.

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