Bedroom curtain color and Feng Shui? The color of bedroom curtains and Feng Shui?

There are many feng shui, but the feng shui of curtains is easily ignored by many people, so it will easily destroy the fortune. After all, curtains are a part of the home, so don’t Because of negligence for a while, it caused trouble, so let’s learn about the color of bedroom curtains and Fengshui together? How about the color of bedroom curtains and Fengshui?

1. Bedroom curtain color and feng shui There is a lack of sunlight in the bedroom, so the color of the curtains should be mainly warm colors, such as khaki or pink, which can generally play an auxiliary role in the home.

There will be some trendy and alternative patterns on some curtains, which may cater to the curiosity-seeking psychology of young people, but it may imply bad luck in terms of curtain feng shui. After all, some grotesque patterns can easily destroy people’s fortune, and they are also unfavorable to the magnetic field of the house, causing people’s personality to be suppressed and affected.

Extreme colors such as bright red or black feng shui in the bedroom should not appear in the bedroom. After all, these grid curtains will not only affect people’s health, but also cause people to act impulsively , it will easily cause unnecessary disasters, and the feng shui of the bedroom will also be affected.

Of course, the curtains in the bedroom should be based on the color you like. , If you want to enhance the feng shui of the bedroom, it is recommended to place a statue of “Seven Star Peaceful Town” in the bedroom to professionally enhance the magnetic field of the residence.

Second, the color of bedroom curtains and feng shui are exquisite

In traditional Chinese customs, red is a symbol of festiveness, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Generally, in Feng Shui, red curtains are easy to place in the east, that is to say, choose to use red curtains in the east. In Feng Shui, such a layout can represent vitality and make people full of energy, which is beneficial The owner’s ambition and fortune.

Yellow in traditional culture represents wealth and status. If the layout is yellow, it will be beneficial to the development of the overall fortune of the house and bring good luck to the owner.

Green is generally suitable for southern curtains, as green also represents vitality. It represents the ability of human thinking and the owner’s communication, not only has the aesthetic feeling of green and vitality, but also can bring positive influence to the owner’s interpersonal relationship. The windows in the north are suitable to use orange curtains. What is good for Feng Shui is the relationship between husband and wife. Orange, which represents passion and unrestrained, can have a good influence on the relationship between husband and wife.

This is the end of today’s article for you. It mainly introduces the color and feng shui of bedroom curtains and the knowledge about the color and feng shui of bedroom curtains. I hope it can help you.

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