What kind of curtains windproof and thermal insulation curtain fabrics

Speaking of curtains, I believe that every family is familiar with them. In addition to shading, some curtains can also play a role in keeping warm. In addition to decoration, curtains are still relatively useful. What types of curtains do you know? What kind of curtains keep out the wind and keep warm? These problems will be considered when purchasing. What are the types of curtain fabrics? These little common senses are very important for the purchase of curtains, and we need more reference and understanding.

What curtains to keep out wind and heat?

Curtains of any fabric, as long as they reach A certain thickness can have the effect of heat preservation and shading, so you don’t need to be too entangled with the fabric, you can choose curtains that are consistent with the overall color of the room. When choosing, choose a thicker one to have the effect of heat preservation and shading.

Types of curtain fabrics

1. The curtain fabrics are pure Cotton, linen, polyester, silk, can also be mixed with concentrated raw materials. Cotton fabrics are soft and feel good; linen fabrics have a good drape and strong texture; silk fabrics are noble and gorgeous, and they are made of 100% natural silk. Its characteristics are natural, rough, elegant, and strong sense of layering; the polyester fabric is scratchy, bright in color, does not fade, and does not shrink.

2. Process classification:

Curtain fabrics can be divided into printed fabrics, dyed fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics, jacquard fabrics, etc. according to their fabrics and techniques.

3. Printed cloth

The color and pattern are printed on the plain gray cloth by transfer or garden net, which is called dyed cloth. Its characteristics: bright colors, rich and delicate patterns.

4. Dyed cloth

Dyeing a single color on the white gray cloth is called dyed cloth. Its characteristics: elegant and natural.

5. Yarn-dyed fabric

According to the design requirements, first classify and dye the gauze, and then interweave to form a color pattern, which is called yarn-dyed fabric. Its characteristics: strong color fastness, bright texture of yarn-dyed weaving, strong three-dimensional effect.

6. Jacquard printed cloth

The combination of jacquard and printing is called jacquard colored cloth.

The above content introduces the problem of what kind of curtains are used to block wind and heat preservation. Any fabric curtain can achieve the effect of shading and keeping warm as long as it has a certain thickness. it is good. What are the types of curtain fabrics? For example, the types of fabrics introduced above are common types of curtain fabrics. You can learn more about and refer to them when purchasing, and make targeted purchases.

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