How to fix the curtains? How to choose curtains?

After buying curtains, everyone needs to know how the curtains are installed, why sometimes in daily life you will find that the curtains are easy to slip, and if they are not fixed in place, it will affect the use effect of the curtains. So what is the method of fixing the curtains? It is very busy to try the method of purchasing curtains. These contents are often used in daily life. Let’s take a look at the relevant content and some common sense about curtains.

How to fix the curtains?

1. The way to hang curtains on curtain rods Curtain rods are divided into those with and without rings. The curtain rod with hanging ring is used to directly hang the curtain processed by the cloth belt, and it is enough to directly install the finished curtain on the four-legged hook and hang it up.

2. Curtain rods without rings are mainly used to hang curtains that are punched or threaded. Curtain rods with hanging loops need to be assembled before installation. Determine the installation width and height of the curtain rod Before installing the curtain rod, first determine its installation location. That is, the installation height and width. The width of the curtain rod can be determined by the width of the window, which is 20-30cm more than the width of the window on both sides.

3. The installation height of the curtain rod is different from the obvious rod and the dark rod. It can be installed anywhere in the curtain box.

4. Positioning and drilling Consider the firmness of the fixation, avoid too large a distance between the fixing parts and cannot bear the tensile force, you need to calculate the fixing hole distance first, the distance between the fixing parts is generally not greater than 50cm, and then draw line positioning. After the installation and fixing position is determined, it is necessary to drill holes and fill in expansion screws. If it is a wooden base, there is no need to drill holes, and it can be fixed directly with self-tapping screws. Installing curtain rods For Roman rods, after positioning and drilling holes, you can fix the mounting frame first, and then place the rod on the mounting frame. And if it is a curtain rail, then directly fix the assembled curtain rail to the wall or ceiling with side codes or top codes.

How to choose curtains?

1. Choose the right curtain head to save effort

There are many ways to connect the curtain and the curtain rod: directly punching holes in the fabric, suspenders The form is very simple, suitable for relatively light and thin fabrics; the way of tying is also not easy to pull, suitable for windows that do not move often and are only used for decoration. It is recommended to buy curtain rings, which are easy to open and convenient for disassembly and replacement. It is easy to pull back and forth; the form of the outer cloth bag looks beautiful on the front, but due to the high friction between the cloth and the rod, especially when the size of the cloth bag is about the same diameter as the rod, it is more difficult to pull back and forth.

2. Curtains are also low-carbon

In the north, rooms facing east or west will be stimulated by several strong sunlight every day, so special treated fabrics should be used, or It is a neutral colored fabric that will otherwise fade or discolour, and also has some insulating properties. There is generally a heater installed under the window, unless you choose the length from the hem to the window sill. If it is a floor-to-ceiling curtain, you must choose a fabric with good heat resistance, and at the same time it will not block the heat of the heater from dissipating into the room.

What is the method of fixing the curtains? The specific content is introduced above. In fact, the fixing method is the method of installation. If the curtains cannot be fixed normally, it will affect the use of the curtains, so these contents must Use it in your life. What is the method of purchasing curtains? The curtains should be selected with guaranteed quality, environmentally friendly and low-carbon, and it will save effort to choose curtain styles that open sideways. These common senses should be kept in mind.

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