What color curtains to use in the officeHow to choose and buy curtains

Speaking of the issue of curtains, I don’t know how much you know. In fact, curtains are very important to every family, but many consumers don’t know some decoration and decoration skills. Therefore, the color of the curtains does not know how to match, and the overall effect will become worse. In addition to the use of curtains at home, the choice of curtains in some public places in the office is also a matter of knowledge. So what color curtains are better for the office, and what are the skills of purchasing curtains? These contents are helpful for everyone to understand the purchase of curtains Great reference.

What color curtains are used in the office

The office area is where you work , According to different regions, the selection and collocation of office curtains are also different. We need different functionalities of the region to choose. Four Seas Golden Harvest will talk about in detail how to choose matching curtains for office curtains according to different areas.

1. Office curtain

The office area is the area where people work, and a good light environment can bring people a better working condition, so the choice of office curtains needs to be considered first Blackout function. According to the different directions of sunlight in the office, choose curtains with different shading functions, and also need to consider the overall style of the office.

Different from the choice of home curtains, curtains that open and close horizontally will affect the entire room. For the light transmission of glass wall curtains, the up and down roller blinds will have a better blocking effect, because roller blinds are Start shading above the windows first; this will reduce overbrightness without darkening the entire office. Therefore, in the way of opening and closing the curtains, it is more appropriate to use roller blinds that rise and fall up and down, which can better facilitate the control of indoor light.

2. Reception room curtain

The reception room is a place for receiving company customers and guests. A warm environment can give customers a good impression. Therefore, when decorating the reception room, the choice of curtains is very important, because the soft decoration of a room lies on the curtains. According to the overall decoration style of the reception room, with appropriate curtains, the environment of the entire reception room will be warm and elegant. The combination of fabric curtains and gauze curtains, and the combination of Shangri-La curtains and fabric curtains have very good decorative effects.

Curtain selection skills

1. Selection and color of interior items Matching curtains

Curtains are very important soft furnishings in the home. They can play a role in decorating the home. Therefore, the choice of curtains should be coordinated with the color of the interior items to form a unified and harmonious environment. For example: if the walls are white or light ivory, and the furniture is yellow, then the curtains can be orange.

2. Seasonal matching of curtain colors

The choice of curtain color should also consider the season and the purpose of the room. Generally, light-colored curtains can be used in spring and summer. Such as beige, pink, white, sky blue and other colors, while brown, dark green, dark coffee and other colors are more suitable for winter.

3. Choose suitable curtains according to different places

The curtains used in different places are also different. Bathrooms and kitchens should choose curtains that are more practical and easy to clean. For the living room and dining room, you can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics to make the guest and dining room look more beautiful. The bedroom curtains are required to be thick and warm, and the fabric should be enough to ensure the privacy of life and the comfort of sleep.

The above content introduces the question of what color curtains to use in the office. The office is a public area, and the matching skills of companies in different areas are different, so it is necessary to make specific decisions based on the common sense and skills of these matching. The analysis and collocation of these contents can be referred to more. What are the purchasing skills of curtains? For example, considering the seasonal demand and the demand for curtains in different occasions are the main points of purchase.

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