What kind of curtains to use on the balcony, how to choose the color of balcony curtains

Curtains make the living room inside our glass windows more private. Of course, the colors and designs of various curtains are also rich, which can better decorate the wall space, and it is also the most important feature in the living room. An indispensable decorative material, the balcony has a large area of window space, and curtains of the corresponding size are often drawn in this place. So what kind of curtains are good for the balcony? How to choose the color of the balcony curtains?

What kind of curtains are used for the balcony?

1. Light-shielding and aesthetics are two key issues in choosing a balcony. Of course, different owners have different requirements for the appearance of the curtains. But everyone needs to pay attention to protecting personal privacy. In terms of shelter, there are mainly curtains made of plain weave and yarn weave. Plain woven fabric is a kind of curtain without light transmission, but it is used for high shading. The light transmittance of the gauze fabric is relatively high, of course, try to smell the light transmittance of the movie curtain when purchasing.

2. The editor recommends that you choose a special balcony curtain, an energy-saving and environmentally friendly folding curtain, including the curtain fabric (made of canvas material PVC coated cloth), which is fireproof, waterproof, anti-fouling, Antibacterial, thermal insulation, sound insulation, anti-ultraviolet and other effects. When folded, the space area is small, and the visual effect is neat and elegant; when it is unfolded, the space area is large, beautiful and generous, and practical.

3. Adjusting the light The blinds are also good. The leaves of this type of curtain are movable, so the intensity of the light can be adjusted by adjusting the leaves. The balcony is a place with strong light, so the light intensity can be adjusted Weakness This function is not available in curtains. So it is good to install shutters on the balcony.

4. Ventilation and sound insulation Compared with traditional curtains, the ventilation and sound insulation effect of blinds is still better, and it is really important to be able to shade well under strong sunlight For one thing, in the summer, you’ll be thankful that the blinds keep the sun out of the windows.

How to choose the color of the balcony curtain

1. Generally speaking, if the balcony is in the southwest, northeast and south of the bathroom, you can try to choose red or orange For balcony curtains, choose angular, square, and triangular shapes.

2. If it is due south, you can choose green or brown balcony curtains, and the longer the green curtains, the better.

3. If it is in the west or northwest, the color of the balcony curtains is better to be soft colors such as white and gray, which can block evil spirits.

4. In terms of the color of the curtains, it is recommended that light colors are appropriate. After a long period of sun exposure, dark curtains are easy to lose color and affect the appearance. Or consider the factor of blocking ultraviolet rays and the overall color of the home decoration, you can also choose curtain colors such as green, yellow, brown, etc.

What kind of curtains are used for the balcony, and how to choose the color of the balcony curtains? The above is a detailed introduction. Can also be comfortable and natural.

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