How to install the balcony curtain track?

Curtains are available in every household and are an indispensable product for every family. But the problem of installing curtain tracks has stumped many people, and everyone is concerned about the installation How much is the curtain track, so today I will give you a detailed introduction to these two issues, hoping to help you.

There are many styles and calculation methods for curtains! Such as: custom curtains; , gauze curtains, ordinary curtains, thread curtains, etc. Customized curtains are generally calculated by meter. The price is measured by width. For example, the width of your window is 2 meters, and the wall of the window is 3 meters, then you have two One method of customization, one is to customize the curtains only to the width of the window. For a window of 2 meters, the width of the customized curtains should be 4 meters (the folds of the curtains must be counted). The other is to customize the entire wall Curtains (this way the overall effect is good, but expensive). For a wall of 3 meters, you have to customize 6 meters of curtains.

How to install the balcony curtain track

Balcony Curtain Track Positioning:

The accuracy of line drawing positioning is related to the success or failure of curtain installation. First, measure the fixed hole distance and the size of the required installation track. Generally, arc windows and balconies are installed Curve the track at will. When measuring, just measure the actual size along the curvature of the window or balcony with a soft tape, and then determine the actual length of the track according to the actual installation needs of the curtain.

Balcony Curtain

Balcony curtain

Installing balcony curtain track dimensions:

1. Curtain rails can be divided into single, double or triple tracks. When the window width is greater than 1200mm, the curtain rail should be disconnected, and the disconnected part should be bent The staggered, simmering and bending should be gentle curves, and the lap length should not be less than 200mm. The open curtain box generally installs the track first. The heavy curtain track should be equipped with machine screws; Less than 30mm.

2. Install the hoisting clip, rotate the clip 90 degrees to connect with the track, and install the hoisting clip on the roof with self-tapping screws. If it is a concrete structure, expansion screws are required.

Installing the curtain rod:

1. Correct the connecting fixture, install the rod or iron wire, and pull it on the fixture. Make it flat and consistent with the room elevation.


2. Install standard curtain track (double track), the base width should generally be above 15CM, and the single track can be reduced according to appropriate circumstances.

Balcony curtain

Adjust the balcony Curtain track position:

For floor-to-ceiling curtains or curtains that hang over the table, the width of the window sill should be set aside when installing the track, so as to avoid being blocked when the curtain is drooping and appearing unsightly.

Pay attention to the actual The wall to be pasted:

It is required not to be hollow, otherwise the veneer is easy to burst when drilling.

In addition, in order to ensure that the curtains are installed stably and are easy to use, we must pay attention to the curtain rod selection and installation.

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