what kind of curtains to use in the white living room

What kind of curtains to choose for the living room and the overall decoration style and effect should also be unified, and you should not choose them casually, so as to avoid some improper matching in the later stage, which will affect the overall effect. The white living room generally has a simple European style. When choosing curtains, what kind of curtains are good? Let’s take a look at what curtains are used in the white living room, and what are the matching styles of the living room curtains? These are all problems that are often encountered in daily life. The following editor will introduce.

What curtains to use in the white living room

There is no specific matching color According to different decoration styles, you can choose the corresponding curtain style, color and pattern. The main color of the living room is white, which will make the whole space spacious and bright, and dark curtains will look solemn and generous; thin curtain fabrics with light tones and strong light transmission are better, which can create a solemn, concise, generous and bright visual effect. The color of the curtains can be chosen to be similar to the color of the furniture accessories to set off each other; no matter which one is selected, it is required to be integrated with the entire environment, and the entire environment appears to be harmoniously matched.

Living room curtain matching style

Living room curtain matching style 1: Romantic style

Matching items: white gauze curtains, wind chimes, matching suggestions: white gauze curtains are always a must for a romantic style, put a wind chime by the windowsill, in the breeze, romance and pleasant bells flutter gently together . You can add wavy stripes to the edge of the outer layer, or decorate the two ends of the fixed curtains with wheat ear-style bows, hooks, etc. The tulle is tied at one end of the curtain rack and hangs from the other end to the floor after a few weeks, creating an elegant asymmetry.

Living room curtain matching style 2: fashion style

Matching items: stainless steel curtain track, colorful curtain fabric collocation suggestion: choose stainless steel curtain track, match colorful curtain fabric , not only has a shading effect but also creates a strong and bright visual impact. Combined with delicate flowers and ethnic colors or geometric patterns, it has a free and casual artistic sense.

Living room curtain matching style three: cute style

Matching items: cute curtain buckle, cute shade curtain fabric

Coordination suggestion: the color of the curtain can be rich , through strong color combinations and color shapes to increase the sense of hierarchy, creating a lively and clear visual experience that is not complicated and eye-catching.

Living room curtain matching style four: pastoral style

Matching items: floral curtain fabric, wooden curtain rod, curtain fabric matching suggestion of the same color system: choose flowers or plants The patterned curtain fabric is matched with the solid wood curtain rod, and a kind of pastoral rustic atmosphere immediately permeates the living room. In order to achieve the unity of color and visual consistency, the decorative decoration of floral fabric is essential.

What kind of curtains are used in the white living room? There are no specific requirements for curtains in the white living room. It mainly depends on the main color of the living room. You can choose the type of curtains with light tones and good light transmission. What is the matching style of living room curtains? For example, you can choose cute style, rural style and romantic style, etc. are good choices of curtain style.

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