What kind of curtains are suitable for European decoration? What color is the best European curtain?

Indoor decoration is generally inseparable from the decoration of curtains. Now curtains not only block the sun, but also bring decoration to our overall home, so the choice of curtains is very important , Next, we will introduce to you what curtains go with European-style decoration and what colors are good for European-style curtains. Let’s take a look.

1. What kind of curtains are suitable for European decoration

1. The design style is positioned as European-style luxury, and the grand and luxurious design sets off the stability and generosity. Make full use of the contrast of various materials to create a low-key and luxurious European style, and a living environment with a certain cultural heritage to create an elegant atmosphere.

2. You can adopt authentic and luxurious European style. Starting from the idea of design, the first is the division of functional space, and the structure has been slightly adjusted. It is lively and solemn without losing its dignity. Against the background of the wooden frame and glass decoration paper with dark natural elements, it more flexibly reflects nature and home furnishing. The integration of life, partially equipped with highly decorative lighting, seeks changes in contrast.

3. Black or gray curtains create a strong visual effect, making the whole home appear calm and atmospheric, low-key luxury, modern, and more young people like to incorporate gray into it, easing the white and black The visual conflict makes the home more moderate. If you like the classic and elegant European style, then you can choose golden curtains as a match.

4. The combination of blue and orange, the two colors collide to create a color, which gives the space a new life, makes the whole space more spacious, and does not look so dull, more Kind of fashionable.

Second, what color is the European curtain?

1. The walls are white or light ivory, and the furniture is yellow or gray , curtains should choose orange. The whitened pine bed matches the dried flowers in the bedroom, the wardrobe and window sills have been redecorated with wood grain stickers of the same color, the cardboard and bright orange plastic fruits form a forest deer, which relies on pine cones Together, they create a warm and rustic Nordic forest feel.

2. The walls are light blue, the furniture is light yellow, and the curtains should be in blue with a white background. At the same time, the color of the bedroom curtains should be different in different seasons, so that the whole bedroom can adapt and coordinate with the changes of the seasons, and reproduce the wind of the seasons. In the morning, open the curtains. Enjoying the morning sunshine through the glass makes people feel refreshed, kicks off a new day, and at the same time gives life a romantic color. Colors light up life.

The above is all the knowledge about what curtains are suitable for European-style decoration and what color is good for European-style curtains. European-style decoration is a popular style in recent years. Fashionable, but also comfortable.

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