How to choose the color of living room curtains How to choose living room curtains

In the process of living room decoration, the selection of curtains is relatively easy to be ignored. Many households suddenly feel that the area of these curtains is relatively small, and most people will not pay special attention to them, so there is no Coordination needs to be considered. In fact, it is a very big misunderstanding. Everyone should pay more attention to how to choose the color of living room curtains and how to choose living room curtains, and understand the scope of application, selection skills and practical functions of each material.

How to choose the color of the curtains in the living room

The color of the curtains and wallpaper must be Complementing each other, the style of the curtains should roughly match the style of the wallpaper.

1. Color part: First of all, if the wallpaper is plain, then the curtains can be a little fancy, for example: you can choose hollow or three-dimensional embroidery styles, which will mobilize the flexibility of the whole room. Secondly, curtains and wallpapers should match the overall home environment, which has become the default rule for choosing curtains and wallpapers. For example, brown wallpaper, brown velvet curtains, together with the floor, tables and chairs of the same color, the typical western classical decoration style, can make the whole room reveal the noble and elegant atmosphere everywhere.

2. Form part: If the wallpaper is American country style, the curtains cannot choose a Chinese style. If the wallpaper chooses a style with small patterns (such as pastoral style, European court style), then when choosing curtains, it is not recommended to choose gauze curtains and cloth curtains with small floral patterns. Otherwise, it will appear that the room is not generous enough and stable. Choose curtains that are plain or slightly vertically striped. The perfect match of wallpaper and curtains should be considered from the two aspects of color and style. Only by taking both into consideration can we add color, romance and taste to our home life.

3. The combination of bright yellow wallpaper and white curtains can ease the sharpness of bright yellow and outline a warm and romantic picture inadvertently. Green wallpaper and white curtains are fresh and natural. The light blue wallpaper is matched with the light white curtains, revealing the “petty bourgeoisie” flavor of life at every moment. The blue wallpaper is matched with the brown curtains, and with the white sofa, you can have a panoramic view of the whole Mediterranean-style home.

How to choose living room curtains

1. Selection principles

Curtains are not just a household item used to block the sun, but they are also a good decorative item, so be sure to choose curtains with good styles and rich patterns. However, the curtains in the living room should also be selected according to the decoration style, and it is more beautiful to maintain a consistent style.

2. Color selection

The color of the curtains can be selected according to the decoration style of the home. The general Chinese retro style is more suitable for dark curtains, which will give people a solemn and atmospheric feeling . In the modern minimalist style, light-toned curtains can be used as the main color, which adds light and makes the interior decoration more fashionable.

3. Material selection

Curtain material is very important. Usually in summer, most families will choose curtains made of soft fabrics, which can create a cool atmosphere; in winter, it is the opposite. To choose thick fabrics, it can play the role of sound insulation.

The relevant content above is how to choose the color of the curtains in the living room and how to choose the curtains in the living room. I hope to provide you with a little help in choosing decoration materials. In fact, the choice of living room curtains is not particularly difficult, but there are many different colors, and the scope of application is also different, so you can refer to the above content to master certain skills.

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