What kind of curtains go with white decoration? White living room with curtain color skills?

When we are decorating our homes, the matching and selection of colors is also very important, because we know that only the matching of colors can be appropriate to make the whole home environment more comfortable , so if we choose white decoration, what kind of curtains generally need to be matched? Let’s introduce to you what curtains go with white decoration? White living room with curtain color skills?

What curtains go with white decoration

1. Floral fabric curtains

It can be said that white decoration is useless. If your furniture is in a rural style, white decorative furniture with floral curtains will add to the rural atmosphere of your room. A breeze blows, and the curtains are gently blown up, inadvertently leading you into the rural countryside, to feel the nature and tranquility.

2. Silk curtains

Silk curtains are lighter and easier to clean. The furniture matches and complements each other.

3. Dark curtains

In fact, white decoration often gives you a pure feeling. The whole room is mainly decorated in white. Melting the white air-conditioning, the dark curtains, with chains like drops of water, on one side are the curtains dancing lightly, and on the other side, the white decoration is strong and proud, one deep and one shallow, one piece and one relaxation, harmoniously blending.

4. Rattan curtains

Have you ever thought about raising some flowers and plants in your home? Curtains, in an instant, the natural atmosphere of the room is greatly enhanced. At the same time, the material of the rattan art can also be coordinated with the white decoration.

White living room matching curtain color skills

1. Use a lot of wood and white to build a Nordic natural style with unpretentious colors, white walls of the same color And the polished quartz tile floor sets off the texture lines of the wooden cabinet. This style is very suitable with different shades of gray curtains.

2. Generally, the TV wall in the living room is paved with large areas of Carrara white marble, showing an extraordinary style. The polishing method makes the stone layer more obvious, and it can be matched with light-colored floral curtains.

3. Blue and white curtains should be used, and the floor-to-ceiling glass windows can let the sunlight into the living room as much as possible, so that people can enjoy the good time quietly under the warm sunshine.

4. For the unevenness caused by the beams in the public area, the designer uses the suspended ceiling to align and add indirect light sources to create a sense of spatial hierarchy. Choose the same lively color as the main color of the living room for the curtains.

5. Soft light falls through the hazy window screens. Next to the woven TV main wall, a comfortable single chair that can sit or lie down is placed to create a leisurely corner suitable for relaxation.

6. The living room is a place for receiving guests and family members to live in leisurely time. Curtains are also an indispensable accessory in the design of the living room. be careful.

What we have introduced above is about what curtains go with white decoration? We should have some understanding of the skills of matching the color of curtains in the white living room. We should have some understanding of this issue. I know that if we need to decorate and design our family, we also need to pay attention to the color matching of each room. In this way Only then can we match a more suitable and comfortable environment.

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