What are the characteristics of Mediterranean style curtains? How to choose Mediterranean style curtains?

If you want to choose a relatively fresh decoration style, most people will think of the Mediterranean style. The decoration of the Mediterranean style must echo in many details. For example, today we will talk about Special attention should be paid to the characteristics of Mediterranean style curtains and how to choose Mediterranean style curtains. In many cases, it is the small details that determine the success or failure of the decoration. Learn more about it.

What are the characteristics of Mediterranean style curtains?

Mediterranean-style curtains give people an atmospheric and romantic atmosphere. Mediterranean-style curtains pay great attention to the reasonable collocation of living room space and maximize the use of space. Through the division of space, the use of materials shows that the European design is strong and sincere, elegant and subtle, and the curtains are integrated and coordinated.

While paying attention to the artistic effect, it also reflects the strong practicality and integrated home decoration atmosphere. Graceful, generous feeling.

Mediterranean style home features:

1. In terms of furniture selection, the treatment method of wiping paint to make it old, and matching with pebbles, etc., show a natural and fresh living atmosphere.

2. Applying marine elements to home design gives people a natural and romantic feeling. In terms of shape, arches and half arches are widely used to give people an extended sense of perspective.

3. In terms of materials, natural logs and natural stones are generally used to create romantic nature.

4. In terms of color, blue, white, and yellow are the main colors, which look bright and pleasing to the eye.

How to choose Mediterranean style curtains?

1. Blue striped curtains, more classic Mediterranean style. Many natural colors.

2. Mediterranean classic elements include sailboats, masts, and blue and white stripes. It is romantic, elegant, fresh and refined, creating a clear atmosphere and giving people a natural and comfortable sea breeze.

3. Blue and white plaid series styles, the elegant blue and white tones are not only fresh, but also mature and stable.

4. The classic three-color combination of blue and white coffee has a simple shape and contains Mediterranean elements, which can well express the Mediterranean style.

5. Blue, white and red colors can be used to stitch together, and the Mediterranean decoration style can be seen at a glance, adding festive elements and a warm and romantic atmosphere.

6. White and dark blue are also a more classic Mediterranean style collocation. The whales and anchors printed on the curtains enhance the Mediterranean style of the interior, which is romantic and elegant, friendly and refined.

After all, in our life, curtains are essential, but there are many types on the market, so we need to consider many aspects when choosing. Today, I will answer the questions about the characteristics of Mediterranean-style curtains and how to choose Mediterranean-style curtains. If you are more interested in curtains, then we will introduce more questions of this type in the future.

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