What color curtains are good for the bedroom? Bedroom curtain color taboo?

The place where we rest at home is the bedroom, so the decoration of the bedroom is very important. To have a good quality of life, a good sleeping environment is very important, so the choice of curtains is Importantly, it also protects privacy. The choice of bedroom curtain color should not be too bright and dazzling, nor too deep and dim. Let’s find out what color curtains are good for the bedroom? The color of bedroom curtains is taboo.

What color curtain is good for the bedroom?

1. There are many different styles of bedroom curtains in color matching. For women who want to have a romantic sleeping environment, you can use green tulle curtains to make the whole The bedroom is fresh and romantic. Colorful curtains in tulle with wooden curtain rods, curtain rings and curtain rod ornaments, suitable for the owner who loves beauty but does not like to show off.

2. White feels lazy and clean. When the wind blows, the tulle flutters gently, which is quite charming. Blue thin cloth curtains, the knots at the junction of the curtain rods bring a flowing aesthetic feeling, with black iron curtain rods. The silver-gray pleated curtains will be very coordinated with modern furniture and can be placed on the windows of the study.

Is the color of bedroom curtains contraindicated?

1. Is pink the color of bedroom curtains? Many girls prefer pink, so a large area of pink is decorated in the bedroom, although it gives people a romantic feeling. But Ali said that pink has the meaning of provoking peach blossoms, which is easy to cause a third party and affect the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, it is recommended not to use pink in a large area in the married couple’s room.

2. The color used in the bedroom should avoid red or black as the main color, because any one of the two is used too much, which will make people prone to extreme and impulsive actions. In addition, it is recommended to increase the purity and lightness of the paint on the wall to achieve saturation, avoid color collision with the wall and furniture, and avoid similar colors between curtains and walls and furniture. If the wall is yellowish, and the curtains are also beige or apricot, it seems harmonious, but in fact it is extremely unsuitable.

Okay, through the editor, what color curtains are good for the bedroom? A comprehensive analysis of the knowledge of taboos in the use of bedroom curtain colors, we can know that when choosing bedroom curtains, we still have to choose according to our own preferences, and the contrasting colors will also have a great effect, such as black and white collide. Of course, the color of bedroom curtains is also taboo, and everyone should understand it carefully.

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