What kind of curtains are better for kitchen windows

Curtains play a role in beautifying the home to a certain extent. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, fabric curtains installed in the bedroom are not suitable for the kitchen. What kind of curtains are good for kitchen windows? I believe everyone wants to know this question. Let’s take a look at some of the curtains that are suitable for kitchen use introduced by the editor.

Curtains in the kitchen can not only shade the sun but also beautify the decoration of the kitchen, but we need to face a real problem : Cooking in the kitchen will produce a lot of oily fumes, which will cause great damage to the curtains, so should we install curtains? The answer is yes, but we need to choose some suitable types of curtains, such as roller blinds, which have shrinkage Function, you can roll it up when you don’t need it, and put it down when you need it, which greatly enhances the practicality!

What kind of curtains are used for kitchen windows

1. Blinds Curtains

The venetian blinds are mainly made of aluminum alloy and wood and bamboo baking varnish. High-end office buildings, living rooms, villas, kitchens and bathrooms, etc., can also be pasted with pictures to make the style more fresh and elegant. There are two control modes: manual and electric.

2. Roller curtain

It is named after the roller tube drives the entire curtain to roll up and down. The fabric is generally made of polyester polyester fabric or glass fiber fabric, which has good ductility And anti-high temperature, anti-oil and so on. It can be rolled up when it is not needed, and it can be put down when it is needed, which greatly enhances the practicality!

3. Decorative hanging of tie-up gauze curtain

Description: This kind The kitchen curtain decoration method is not only practical but also has a very good decorative effect. The gauze curtain always gives people a hazy beauty. It is fixed with a green ribbon. It is not only easy to install, but also very easy to remove and wash. It is beautiful and practical. It is one of the best choices in the current modern family kitchen.

4. Half-waist decoration hanging

Instructions: Divide the kitchen curtain decoration into three equal parts, with light transmission up and down, and a small horizontal curtain hanging on the middle of the waist, so that , not only ensures that the kitchen space has sufficient light, but also blocks the sight of the outside world. As shown in the picture, the two pieces of this pastoral plaid fabric curtain are two-fold, and even if the large and small curtains are not opened, when the window is opened and there is wind, it will not cause inconvenience caused by floating.

5. Decorative hanging with split straps

Explanation: This method of curtain decoration is the most common way in the home space at present, but it is not used in many kitchens ,Compared with other rooms, this kind of curtain is installed in the kitchen with a part of light-transmitting gap left on the upper part. Usually, the method of binding is used to tie the curtain, but if it is necessary to shade, you can also directly release the binding. bring.

6. European-style curtain decoration hanging

Explanation: European-style luxury and atmosphere, in the European-style home space, the unique curtain-like hanging method of European-style kitchen curtains will also reflect the European style. The style of curtains can be opened and closed by using the method of hanging down. Whether it is folded or hung down, it will be very harmonious with the overall room style, and it has good shading performance, and the operation is also very simple.

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