How to install the curtain rod? What is the best material for the curtain rod?

There are curtains in every household. If there are curtains, there must be curtain rods. What kind of curtain rods you use can directly affect the quality of the curtains. The effect of decoration is also different. Therefore, Next, I want to introduce to you how to install the curtain rod and what material the curtain rod is made of. Let’s learn together.

1. How to install the curtain rod

1 1. When installing the curtain box, it is mainly to find a good position, draw the dimension line carefully, and install the embedded parts accurately. Make sure that the marking is correct before installation, and the measuring ruler must be installed so that the elevation is consistent and the line is accurate.

2. When installing the curtain box, the size of the two ends should be the same.

3. To prevent the curtain track from falling off, the thickness of the general cover plate should not be less than 15mm, and the cover plate thinner than 15mm should use machine screws to fix the curtain track.

4. The wood does not dry well during processing, and it is stored in damp after entering the site. It should be painted in time during installation.

Second, what material is good for the curtain rod

1, Solid wood rod material

Solid wood curtain rod, made of native wood strips It is natural and friendly, and matches the pastoral (rural decoration renderings) decoration style. If the decoration style of the home is not pastoral series, it doesn’t matter. Choose a solid wood curtain rod and match it with a single-color or simple-line curtain cloth. No matter what style of room it is hung in, it will not stand out.

Features: The solid wood curtain rod will not be deformed, cracked, etc., which is more suitable for southern families.

2. Aluminum alloy rod material

The aluminum alloy material is light, with good plasticity and corrosion resistance. . Moreover, the metal texture of this curtain rod also ensures the coordination with various curtain fabrics.

Features: An outstanding advantage is its softness and rigidity, which can be bent significantly.

3. Iron rod material

Iron metal has good ductility and is easy to process, so the iron curtain rod has better artistic expression. Curtain rods made of stainless steel or tungsten steel on the market also fall into this category. An obvious feature of this type of curtain rod is the variety of flower heads. Wrought iron curtain rods are matched with silk or gauze curtains for bedrooms (bedroom decoration renderings), and the effect will be very good.

Features: The curtain rod made of wrought iron material is simple and simple, with both rigidity and softness, various shapes and artistic quality.

The relevant content about how to install the curtain rod and the material of the curtain rod is introduced here, I hope it can help you. From the above article, we can know that the quality and style of curtain rods will have a certain impact on the effect of curtains, so everyone should be cautious and serious when purchasing curtain rods.

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