Are soundproof curtains useful? Tips for choosing soundproof curtains

Friends who have used soundproof curtains will definitely find it useful. In fact, soundproof curtains are not completely soundproof. The effect is better. Usually, many brothers think that soundproof curtains can block some sounds from the outside. So when asked “Are soundproof curtains useful?” Such questions, they will decisively judge that soundproof curtains are useless. So are soundproof curtains useful, and what are the tips for choosing soundproof curtains? If you are unfamiliar with this, let’s take a look at what the editor said first.

Are soundproof curtains useful:

1. To know whether soundproof curtains are useful, let’s take a look at the product of soundproof curtains now! Soundproof curtains are mostly used in cinemas and other places. But now it is increasingly used in some workplaces and some interior decoration. Since soundproof curtains can be used so widely, brothers, do you think soundproof curtains are useful? In fact, the answer is yes. In fact, the soundproof curtain is equivalent to the second layer of the double-layer soundproof window. Soundproof curtains can block low-frequency sounds of 8-12 decibels.

2. In fact, what I just said may not be enough to prove the question “Is the soundproof curtain effective?” In order to understand the question “Is the soundproof curtain useful?”, let’s take a look at the sound insulation principle of the soundproof curtain! The soundproof curtain is mainly composed of a coil spring, a lowering cable, a rising cable, a winding shaft, Curtain boxes, curtain runners and more. When the soundproof curtains go through the above procedures, the windows can be completely closed. In fact, the principle of soundproof curtains is to use the curtains to fully close to achieve the effect of sound insulation.

3. Is it useful for soundproof curtains? This is still related to the usual maintenance of soundproof curtains by brothers. No matter how good a product is, if it is not maintained properly, it will end up being thrown away as waste. Many people will ask whether soundproof curtains are effective? Questions about the effect of soundproof curtains are due to their ignorance of soundproof curtain products. If we want to solve the question of “does the soundproof curtain work”, then we should first pay attention to the maintenance of the soundproof curtain. This maintenance is mainly to check whether the winding shaft is working normally. Then, when the curtain is driven to move up and down, some lubricating oil should be added to it frequently. Maintain the normal operation of the soundproof curtains.

4. When some consumers first buy soundproof curtains, they may still think that soundproof curtains are useful. But after using it for a period of time, if someone asks him “does the soundproof curtain work”, he will say that the soundproof curtain is useless. Usually, at this time, “does the soundproof curtain work” will be questioned by more people. In fact, for soundproof curtains, in addition to maintenance, cleaning is also very important. As long as we clean the soundproof curtains regularly, there will be no more questions like “does the soundproof curtains work?”

5. Are sound-proof curtains effective? We will see a lot of comments on the Internet. Some people say it is good, and some people say it is not good. And for the brothers around me, there is a question of “does the soundproof curtain work?”. There is also a lot of discussion, each with its own view. In fact, is the soundproof curtain effective? It is mainly related to the quality of the soundproof curtain itself. There are all kinds of soundproof curtains on the market, and we still have to choose soundproof curtain products with guaranteed quality when purchasing. Secondly, in order to know whether the soundproof curtains are effective? Brothers can buy them for home use with confidence, but they must do a good job of maintenance and cleaning.

Tips for purchasing soundproof curtains:

1. Generally speaking, the thicker curtains have better sound absorption effect, and the curtains with good texture can reduce the noise. 10% – 20% outside noise. Real sound-proof curtains must pass professional function tests, which can increase the sound insulation up to 8-12 decibels (low-frequency sound insulation is large), and can replace the second-story windows of double-layer sound-proof windows; the sound insulation can be as high as 20 decibels when used alone. Used as a sound barrier for indoor activities.

2. When choosing soundproof curtains (purchase curtains), the texture of the curtains is preferably flocking, cotton, linen, and some curtain fabrics require environmentally friendly materials (does not contain formaldehyde). Generally speaking, thick curtains have better sound absorption effect, and good quality curtains can reduce external noise by 10%-20%.

3. When the soundproof curtain is installed, the two sides of the window are respectively equipped with a curtain chute in which the two sides of the curtain can slide respectively, and the bottom plate of the window There is a curtain bottom groove on the top, and groove sealing strips are installed on the inner and side surfaces, and they are all in the same plane, so that the window can be completely closed by the curtain to achieve the effect of sound insulation.

4. In addition to sound insulation and noise prevention, soundproof curtains also have the function of regulating the indoor temperature. The summer sun is very hot. When the heat radiated by the sun comes to the room, if you want the room to be shaded, you must choose curtains with shading and radiation protection functions. In winter, the heat in the room will be released to the outside through the windows, and thicker curtains are used to resist the severe cold to adjust the indoor temperature.

5. Because of the effect of sound insulation, try not to take it out and put it in the water directly for cleaning. You can choose to use a sponge or a soft rag to dip some warm water or soap solution back and forth to wipe it. Wash off all the dirt on it, then put down the curtains to dry naturally, and then roll them up after they are dry.

The editor will tell you so much about whether soundproof curtains are useful and how to buy soundproof curtains. Therefore, what the editor would like to suggest to everyone is that it is really not easy to obtain a piece of tranquility in the city, so when we decorate the house, we also try our best to make the sound insulation effect better, such as double-glazed windows and walls , There are also those who start from the curtains.

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