What is the material of the curtain rod? What are the methods of choosing a good curtain rod?

Curtain rods are a necessity for matching curtains in home life. The materials are different, and the style and effect of decoration will be very different. Due to the popularity of curtains, there are more and more types of curtain rods. Facing a dazzling array of curtain rods, what kind of material is good for curtain rods? What are the methods of purchasing curtain rods? Next, the editor will take you to Find out.

What material is good for the curtain rod

1. Solid wood curtain rod: solid wood The characteristic of the pole is natural affinity, which is generally more suitable for pastoral style decoration or traditional Chinese style living room. Generally, solid wood poles are used more in the southern region, because the air in the south is humid, and it is not easy to crack and deform.

2. Aluminum alloy curtain rod: Among the many curtain rod materials, aluminum alloy curtain rod can be said to be a more economical and practical one. The advantage of aluminum alloy curtain rods is that the material is relatively light, and it also has the characteristics of strong plasticity and good corrosion resistance. The combination of metal texture and curtain fabric will also give you a new vision. If the windows in your home have corners, then the editor recommends that you buy aluminum alloy curtain rods.

3. Iron curtain rod: Since iron itself has good ductility, it will be more convenient to process. Therefore, the wrought iron rod has a good artistic expression. This is why we often see the various flower heads of wrought iron curtain rods. Generally, iron curtain rods will have a better effect with gauze or silk curtains.

4. Special steel curtain rod: Although steel and wood curtain rods have not appeared for a long time, special steel rods are quickly accepted and favored by consumers because of their strong and durable characteristics. This kind of special steel rod has the effect of imitating wood visually. The advantage of special steel rods is that they have better load-bearing capacity and are not easily deformed.

How to choose and buy curtain rods

1. For indoor curtains, Roman rods should be used as much as possible. Because at the moment, Roman poles are more mainstream now, and there may be new products in a few years, but they are not outdated now.

2. As the curtain fabric tends to be thicker and more textured, Roman rods should be used for curtains above 50 yuan/m. The quality of the curtain material. If it is a curtain of about 30-50 yuan, it can be a track or a Roman pole.

3. The window screen is light. In order to reflect the wrinkle effect, for example, some balconies have only one layer of window screen, so the curtain track is a good choice, and the effect of curtain rods for good window screens is better. When buying Roman poles, just choose double poles.

4. The choice of Roman rods and rails still depends on the placement position. If the window is close to the roof, the Roman rods cannot be installed. There is a certain distance between the Roman rods and the top surface. If it is lower than the top of the window , it will affect the use of windows and can only be replaced with tracks.

The material of the curtain rod is directly related to the quality and style of the curtain. Have you learned the material of curtain rods and how to choose curtain rods introduced by the editor above?

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