How to install the curtain rod? What material is good for the curtain rod?

Curtain rods are necessary for making curtains at home. There are many tricks in the installation of curtain rods. Therefore, many people do not know how to install them. There are also different quality of curtain rods made of different materials. Good or bad, then, let us understand how to install the curtain rod? What material is good for the curtain rod? In this way, you can better understand the material of the curtain rod when purchasing, so that you can buy an affordable thing

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 How to install the curtain rod?

The installation process is also more important, don’t think you It doesn’t matter if you don’t care about these, you can read the analysis of the editor below, so that you can solve the problem when you encounter this matter.

 1. Items ready for installation, including: hammer drill and matching Φ6mm drill bit, steel tape measure, pencil, Phillips screwdriver, Φ6mm plastic expansion tube, Φ4x40mm self-tapping thread

 2. Check the compatibility of the Roman rod and its decorative head, support, and hanging ring, measure the length of the Roman rod, and the width of the window

 3. Take the installed support as the standard Mark the line, draw the position line of the support and the position line of the hole. Generally, the length of the Roman pole exceeds 2.5 meters and 3 supports. The middle support is located on the window or wall, and the two ends must be equidistant. The supports at both ends are about 15-20cm away from the wall or 5-10cm away from the end of the Roman pole (ceiling).

 4. The depth of the hole is 3.5-5cm, and the hole should not be out of sight or skewed. Note: Keep away from electrical wires, water pipes. After the hole is punched, press the plastic expansion tube into the hole.

 5. Mounting rod

 The support is fastened with self-tapping screws, the ring is inserted into the rod, the ring is divided into two, and one ring is left at each end ;Press the Roman rod into the opening support and adjust so that the distance between the decorative heads at both ends and the wall is the same.

 6. Hang the curtain, put the curtain on the hook, and hang the other end of the hook into the hole of the hanging ring; open and close the curtain left and right, check whether the sliding is flexible, and whether the two curtains are of the same height. Otherwise, fine tune.

 7. Curtain rod installation is also very important, which is one of the criteria for curtain positioning. Just imagine if the curtain rod is crooked, will the whole curtain look good after installation?

 What material is good for curtain rods?

1. Curtain rods are mainly made of wood and metal. Or gauze decorative cloth, used in the bedroom, has a strong contrast between rigidity and softness; while the wooden carved rod head gives people a warm and full feeling, the scope of use and matching style are not limited, and it is suitable for various functions living room.

2. Economical and practical aluminum alloy curtain rod? Aluminum alloy material is light, plasticity and corrosion resistance are relatively good. Moreover, the metal texture of this curtain rod also ensures the coordination with various curtain fabrics.

3. Colorful iron curtain rods? Iron metal has good ductility and is easy to process, so iron curtain rods have better artistic expression. Curtain rods made of stainless steel or tungsten steel on the market also fall into this category. An obvious feature of this type of curtain rod is the variety of flower heads. Wrought iron curtain rods with silk or gauze curtains, used in the bedroom, the effect will be very good.

4. Natural-style solid wood curtain rod The solid wood curtain rod is made of native wood strips, which is natural and friendly, and matches the rural decoration style.

 The above is how to install curtain rods summarized by the editor? What material is good for curtain rods? I hope that through my introduction, everyone can learn how to install curtain rods and know what material is better for curtain rods ,Choose a good quality curtain rod to fill your home with warmth.

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