Installation steps of curtain rods? Precautions for installation of curtain rods?

Although the installation of curtain rods is a trivial matter, good home decoration is formed by the accumulation of countless such small things. In order to ensure the installation effect, we need to know when it is better to install the curtain rod and how to install it, as well as what we should pay attention to when installing it. Next, let me introduce the installation steps of the curtain rod? The installation precautions of the curtain rod?

 Curtain rod The installation steps?

 Let’s get to know the installation steps first.

1. Determine the installation width and height of the curtain rod: Before installing the curtain rod, first determine its installation position. That is, the installation height and width. The width of the curtain rod can be determined by the width of the window, which is 20-30cm more than the width of the window on both sides. The installation height of the curtain rod is different from the obvious rod and the dark rod. The installation height of the bright rod is at the middle position between the ceiling and the window frame, and the dark rod is at the top of the curtain box, or installed on any part of the curtain box.

2. Positioning and punching: Considering the firmness of the fixation, avoid too large a distance between the fixing parts and cannot withstand the tensile force. It is necessary to calculate the distance between the fixing holes first. If it is greater than 50cm, then draw a line to locate it. After the installation and fixing position is determined, it is necessary to drill holes and fill in expansion screws. If it is a wooden base, there is no need to drill holes, and it can be fixed directly with self-tapping screws.

3. The way of hanging curtains on curtain rods: Curtain rods are divided into those with and without rings. The curtain rod with hanging ring is used to directly hang the curtain processed by the cloth belt, and it is enough to directly install the finished curtain on the four-legged hook and hang it up. Curtain rods without rings are mainly used to hang curtains that are punched or threaded. Curtain rods with hanging loops need to be assembled before installation.

  4. Install the curtain rod: For the Roman rod, after positioning and drilling the holes, you can fix the mounting frame first, and then place the rod on the mounting frame. And if it is a curtain rail, directly fix the assembled curtain rail to the wall or ceiling with side or top codes.

Curtain rod installation precautions?

Should we also pay attention to some matters during installation?

1. Precautions for installing curtain hooks: If you use curtain hooks to fix the curtains, you can use different installation methods of the hooks to form different curtain pleats. However, it should be noted that the distance between the curtain hooks should be as uniform as possible, and should be calculated first; any rusted hooks should be replaced immediately, otherwise the curtain fabric will be polluted. In actual use, the number of pins inserted into the slots can be adjusted, or 3, or 4; the number of strap slots spaced between every two hooks can be adjusted, so that the effective width of the curtain can be adjusted.

2. Make sure the installation is firm: don’t install it, it will fall off after a while, which is not good, so, when installing, pay attention to choosing a bracket that matches the pole. If the bracket is too small, it may The bracket is easily damaged. On the other hand, if the bracket is too small, the contact surface with the wall will be small, and the number or size of the nuts will be limited, which will easily make the installed curtain rod unstable.

3. Ensure the standard and level: the length of the curtain rod should be greater than the width of the window cover to avoid light leakage;

4. Timing of curtain rod installation: It is better to install the curtain rod after the new house has been opened up or before the last cleaning. If it is installed too early, there will be thick dust on the curtain rod , Pretending too late and cleaning for nothing. At the same time, Roman rods are best matched with curtain designs, while curtain rails can be installed in advance. It is best to consider what kind of rails to install when decorating.

The installation of the curtain rod is also an important thing, but it must not be sloppy. The above is Xiaobian’s introduction to the installation time and installation steps of the curtain rod. I hope it will be of some help to everyone.

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