What is the appropriate weight for curtains? Curtain selection skills?

In the decoration process, curtains are indispensable in the home. When it comes to curtains, people are still very concerned about its quality, matching and weight of curtains. With the increase of curtain materials, The weight of each type of curtain is different. Of course, the weight of a good curtain is also a topic of concern to people. After all, they all want to buy the curtains they want. So the editor will introduce how much weight the curtains are suitable for? Curtain selection skills?

What is the proper weight of the curtain

The weight of the fabric is generally square The weight in grams of rice fabric is an important technical indicator for knitted fabrics, and woolen wool usually also uses grammage as an important technical indicator. The weight of denim fabric is generally expressed in “ounces (oz)”, that is, the number of ounces per square yard of fabric weight, such as 7 ounces, 12 ounces of denim, etc.

1. The “gram weight” of textiles refers to the unit of weight in grams under a standard unit of measurement. For example, the weight of 1 square meter of knitted fabric is 200 grams, expressed as: 200G/M2 and so on. is a unit of weight.

2. The main parameters of knitted fabrics: square meter weight g/m, width. Area x gram weight = fabric weight 1 meter x width x gram weight = meter weight total weight / width / gram weight / 1000 = meter length, so the gram weight of curtain cloth 500 refers to the weight reading per square meter. Knitted fabrics are generally calculated according to weight. The main parameters of knitted fabrics are: square meter weight g/m, width.

Curtain selection skills

1. According to orientation

If you want to choose the right curtains and achieve a satisfactory decorative effect, you must first locate them according to the orientation. Windows facing the south have more light, so you can choose curtains made of silk or tulle fabrics. The windows facing north are relatively dark, so you can choose warm-toned and heavy curtains to increase the temperature of the room. For windows facing east or west, you should choose curtains with shading effect, so as to block the glare.

2. Choose according to the texture

When choosing curtains, you must first consider the characteristics of the room. If it is a bathroom or kitchen, you should choose simple, easy-to-clean, and functional curtains; If it is a living room, dining room or bedroom, you can choose curtains with thick fabrics, which can avoid the influence of external noise and light; you can choose curtains with light colors and good light transmission for the study room, which is conducive to thinking and relaxation.

3. Choose according to the color

When choosing curtains, you should consider the color of the curtains. The right color can make the room more beautiful. The main color of the curtains should be coordinated with the main color of the house. You can choose complementary colors or similar colors, or you can use warm and cold tones in a small range to form a contrast and play an embellishing role. Some modern decoration style houses can choose simple plain color curtains, which are atmospheric and elegant; rural style houses can choose curtains with small flowers or small patterns; plain colors or curtains with large flower patterns similar to German style can set off the room luxurious style.

The above is the appropriate weight of the curtain introduced by the editor? Curtain selection skills? Regarding the problem of curtains, we have already understood that the weight of curtains does not have too many requirements. It is directly related to the curtain material we choose. The weight of each material is different, some are heavy and some are light, so When purchasing, you can look at the approximate weight according to the material we choose.

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