There are so many tricks in buying a curtain? I’m so heartbroken! It’s cool!

There are too many things to worry about in the decoration, and many decoration tricks appear in the small details. For example, curtains, when the decoration is coming to an end, you should start preparing to buy curtains. The color, price, and environmental protection issues of curtains are all things that need to be carefully kept in mind by the owner. Let’s take a look with the editor below.

One: Exaggerating the size allows you to buy more area

The curtains are hung in the living room Or the windows of a room, of course, cannot be flat like a wall, and need some folds to appear layered and three-dimensional. Salesmen will exaggerate this effect when selling curtains, and use personal experience to fool you into buying more area. In fact, if your window width is 2 meters, if you want to have a sense of hierarchy, you only need to buy a width of about 2.2 meters. If you don’t understand this and just ask the salesperson to help you buy it, then you will lose a lot.

Second: There are many gimmicks and hidden conditions for special offers

We often see curtains as promotional specials in summer when the demand for curtains is particularly large Especially many industries. Various discounts, specials, clearance and other offers, but did not see any purchase conditions. For example, the most common ones are how much you need to buy to get a discount, and you need specific types of curtains to have special prices, etc. Then you will find that the goods you buy are all at the original price.

Third: Fabrics are often deducted by merchants

Many people buy curtains It is to pay the deposit first and then pick up the goods. As for how much cloth the boss used in processing, only the boss knows best, and few people will wait for the curtains to be carefully measured after they are finished. Even if some serious consumers find that the fabric is less after measuring, but because the fabric has been processed, as long as the overall effect of the curtain is not affected, generally it will not be too realistic.

Four: Accessories are more expensive than fabrics

When many people buy curtains, they usually choose satisfactory fabrics first, negotiate the price, and then hand over to the curtains shop made. In order to retain customers, some curtain fabric stores will quote lower prices for fabrics, and sometimes even sell them at a loss. However, it is necessary to use auxiliary materials such as hooks and side bands when making curtains, and most people only pay attention to the price of the fabric itself, and seldom pay attention to these auxiliary materials. Merchants seize people’s psychology, first attract consumers with lower fabric prices, and then make money on accessories. Some people did not ask clearly the prices of various accessories and accessories when ordering curtains. When the curtains were finished and picked up, they found that they had fallen into the price trap of the merchants.

Five: No warranty, no installation included

First of all, most of the curtains are It is the goods that go out and will not be returned or exchanged. So if you didn’t look carefully at the previous problem in the store, then take it home, no matter what, you won’t be able to return or exchange the product. So it must be inspected.

And general stores will provide the slogan of door-to-door installation in the city. However, you never expect that this is actually a fee item. And the charges are expensive, and the charges are based on the specifications of each set of curtains. Of course, you won’t know you’ll be charged until they install it. After the installation is complete, you can only swallow the bitterness in your stomach.

It’s because everyone doesn’t know much about curtains, and for this kind of one-time buyout thing, it’s a trap. If we don’t pursue it, more unscrupulous businessmen in this industry are deceiving consumers.

Six: The leftover material is also a waste

In the curtain shop, every The length of each kind of fabric is fixed at 2.8 meters. Then there is a problem. What if your windows don’t need to be 2.8 meters long? What is left is also normal wear and tear. Generally, if the customer does not ask, it will not be left to the customer, and if you ask, most of it will be disposed of with factory leftovers. This is the case in the industry, so be sure to ask carefully.

If you can roughly measure the size of the window before buying, let the merchant quote you the final price directly! Do your homework in advance to know the specific accessories and calculation methods of curtains. In this way, even if there is a difference in the price, you can know that you will not be cheated!

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