What curtains go with the simple European style, and the choice of simple European style curtains?

When decorating, you will find that there are many styles. After decorating, it is also very important to match the built-in problem. Many people are also very confused when buying curtains, not knowing what to buy The style is better. So what kind of curtains are good for the simple European style, and what are the choices for the simple European style curtains?

1. Simple What kind of curtains match the European style:
1. Usually, we will make curtains next to the balcony window for this type of room, which is the L-shaped one you mentioned. But the upper installation space of your large balcony window is blocked by a beam, so that the curtains can only be installed in the window frame and installed on the top. But your window seems to open inward, which leaves little room for installation above, so you can only use rails for installation, and you can barely make a layer of screens or very thin curtains.

2. If your living room is large enough, it is recommended to make the main curtain on the front beam and a layer of gauze on the balcony window.

3. Another method is to make an L-shape on the balcony, but separate the cloth curtain from the gauze curtain. The gauze curtain is installed on the top of the frame according to the above method, and the curtain track is installed On the side wall above the window, the large window should be divided into two sections by the beam. There will be a gap in the middle, but this gap can be sealed by special-shaped cutting.

4. The atmosphere gray is used as the main color, which makes the space full of calmness. The gray sofa echoes the gray printed TV background wall. With a touch of romance, the coffee-colored living room blanket enhances the luxurious feeling of the room, and the curtains combined with gray and green, using glossy materials, enhance the gorgeousness of the room.

5. For the choice of living room balcony curtains, if the wallpaper of the house is not very dark, you can choose darker curtains. If the living room wall is painted with darker wallpaper or paint, it is recommended to use Lighter colors, so that it looks better when set off, and the room will not appear to be dark when the curtains are drawn. However, it is generally better to choose not to be too white or too dark, because it is easy to take care of and maintain, and it is durable and practical.

Second, the choice of simple European style curtains:

1. Ivory white is the main color, with light colors as the main color and dark colors as the supplement, so In the choice of simple European curtains, we must pay attention to the decoration and matching of colors, and remember not to overwhelm the guests. Embodies a fresh, elegant feeling. It should be noted that in summer, because of the strong sunlight, the material of Jianou curtains should be thicker. Although the decoration should reflect the beauty, the practicality cannot be abandoned.

2. The simple European style is from simple to complicated, from the whole to the part. On the one hand, it retains the general style of materials and colors, and can still strongly feel the traditional historical traces and rich cultural heritage. At the same time, it abandons overly complicated textures and decorations, and simplifies the lines. Therefore, the choice of pattern of Jane European curtains should be simple, so as not to cause overwhelming guests.

3. When decorating a simple European style home, there are many choices for the material selection of simple European curtains: gorgeous brocade inlaid with gold, silver thread, rhinestones, pearls, embroidered surface, silk satin, tulle , Natural cotton and linen and other materials, people can choose their favorite styles at will, and easily change the same style. But the fabric and texture of some fabrics are very important. Linen and canvas fabrics are not suitable for simple European style decoration, and silk fabrics will appear more noble.

According to everyone’s needs, what kind of curtains are good for the simple European style, and how to choose the simple European style curtains, etc., have been answered for you one by one. I hope these will be helpful to you, so that you can choose A more suitable curtain.

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