What kind of curtains are suitable for Chinese decoration, and how to choose curtains after decoration?

The decoration is mainly Chinese-style decoration, so what should be paid attention to when matching curtains, these problems are related to many consumers, so everyone wants to know What kind of curtains are suitable for Chinese-style decoration, and how to choose curtains after decoration? Next, I will introduce in detail according to the problems of curtains, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

1. What curtains are suitable for Chinese decoration:

1. The main color is Sunset yellow, with purple-red horizontal stripes. It can be prismatic. I am afraid that only yellow and purple can be hung on such a noble mahogany.

2. Light brown atmosphere, with some large patterns, simple and simple A bit of color matches well with pear furniture, and the contrast is not too strong, which can create a quiet and simple feeling.

3. The color of coffee and beige is better, and it will not get dirty easily. It also looks classy. But if you want dark coffee or light coffee, it depends on the lighting of the house. If the sun is strong, use dark coffee to have a certain shading effect. If the sun is not strong, you can use light coffee to brighten it. If you want a more high-end cloth, you can also choose the hollow embroidery cloth with yellow as the background color in the living room.

4. For the floor of a room with a small area, choose a cool dark color or a simple and bright floor to make people feel that the area is expanding. Some families like to use a yellowish floor, and the walls use the law of adjacent colors. You can choose green adjacent to yellow, which can create a very warm atmosphere.

5. Many families now like to use white floors, hoping to have a peaceful home atmosphere. It is recommended to use lighter colors such as gray and white, which are easy to give people a sense of tranquility, and will not cause the walls to be heavy in color and the floor to be light in color.

Second, how to choose curtains after decoration:

1. The choice of curtains must match the decoration of the home, and also according to the different functions of different rooms Make different choices. In addition, seasonal factors cannot be ignored. It is necessary to keep two sets of curtains in the family, because the same curtains are warm and suitable for use in autumn and winter, but in summer it is obviously hot and breathless.

2. In the room, the size and shape of the windows are different, so different styles should be considered when purchasing curtains. Proper selection of curtain styles can play a role in making up for window defects. At present, the more popular curtain styles on the market include Roman blinds, sling curtains, portable curtains, and lifting curtains.

3. It is advisable to use Roman blinds for viewing windows with large areas of glass. Roman blinds have two major advantages, one is to use less cloth, and the other is that when the curtains are folded, they are layered, full of three-dimensionality, and save space, especially in summer without cumbersome and complicated discomfort. Using the method of splicing Roman blinds, the decoration effect is very good, and it is very coordinated with modern or continental decoration styles.

4. When it comes to bamboo curtains, it seems a bit old-fashioned. Of course, if you like the retro atmosphere, a bamboo curtain in primary colors is perfect. But if you think that bamboo curtains are just so monotonous, you are wrong. Today’s bamboo curtains have been specially dyed and designed to give off a lively and modern feeling.

The above is a brief introduction based on what curtains are suitable for Chinese-style decoration and how to choose curtains after decoration. After you understand these contents, you can choose more suitable curtains.

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