The curtains of my home became popular in the circle of friends all night, and they all asked me how to choose the curtains, they are so beautiful!

People who decorate say that 80% of home decoration lies in the matching of soft furnishings. Whether the home decoration is good or not, and whether there is a mood depends on the soft furnishings. Curtains are one of the most important components of soft decoration. Its existence cannot be ignored. Whether your curtains are a failure or a success! The choice of curtains is skillful, otherwise your entire home decoration will be ruined if you are not careful, learn how to match curtains with the editor, and you are guaranteed to make your curtains popular in the circle of friends!

1. Curtain error

1. Half-hanging curtain

Some people choose hanging curtains when designing. The editor thinks that such a design is generally bold, and generally it will be destroyed if the design is not good. If you have a bay window in your home, you can design it this way, but don’t try it conservatively.

2. Similar to random matching

The pastoral style is also a style that young people like now, but lace curtains always match It feels very inconsistent.

3. Matching

The curtain design should have different styles, and it needs to be equipped with scenes. For example, the wedding room should be matched with vibrant and sunny colors.

Second, how to match monochromatic curtains?

1. The color of the curtains should be consistent with the style of the home decoration, and avoid bright colors

If you don’t know how to match the curtains, we can Put the curtains at the end of the purchase, and after placing all the furniture accessories, choose the color according to the furniture accessories in the space where the curtains are located (carpets, sofas, sofa cushions, bedding, etc.). When choosing curtains, you can choose the same gray as the sofa, or choose a color that is one degree darker than the color of the sofa, which is also possible.

2. The color of the curtains should not be eye-catching, it only needs to be one degree darker or lighter.

In addition to the above method, there is also a very conservative method The method is that the color of the curtains and the color of the walls of the space are different colors of the same color system. For example, if the walls are brown, the curtains can be light brown or camel.

If you don’t like the color of the wall or the color of the furniture decorations, we can also choose warm-colored curtains according to the color of the space lighting, such as milky white neutral light system, you can choose beige , light coffee and other colors. If you find it troublesome, then choose all-match colors, white, beige or gray, this is the laziest way.

Third, how to choose curtains with patterns?

Patterned curtains will be more complicated to match, so we must fully consider the overall decoration effect when designing first. If the space in the home is limited, and it is a house with a small layout, I suggest not to choose curtains with patterns, which will increase the narrowness of vision even more. If your home is cold and windy, try not to choose patterned curtains.

1. Striped curtains: The horizontal stripe pattern on the curtains can extend the line of sight and expand the space, and is generally used in small spaces.

2. Printed curtains: The combination of romantic flower patterns and elegant tones adds a bit of gentleness. The pattern style can choose existing or similar patterns in the space. Remember that the space should not have too many flower patterns.

3. Geometric pattern curtains: Geometric patterns can be used as the embellishment of the curtain color, echoing the overall color matching and enriching the details.

4. Gradient color curtain: The color of this kind of curtain is generally light at the top and deep at the bottom. Generally, the height of the bottom color is consistent with the height of the window sill, so that people’s visual focus can be shifted to the bottom. Layer heights are ignored.

Five, Single-layer or double-layer curtains?

The choice of single-layer or double-layer curtains depends on the actual situation of the individual.

Double-layer curtains are more popular now. Double-layer curtains are mainly composed of yarn layers and cloth layers. The important thing is to make the space look more layered, and at the same time give the space a romantic color.

6. How to hang the curtains better?

Hanging curtains is like people wearing clothes. Different clothes have different temperaments. The same is true for hanging curtains. Different hanging styles will also change, so how to hang curtains Better? As for the way of hanging curtains, there are generally the following types. Although the fourth type is more expensive in materials, it is more atmospheric.

1. The hanging height of the curtains

Don’t save a few inches of cloth blindly. It is a truth to make the storey height appear a few centimeters higher, just like wearing a long skirt to make it appear taller. It is better to hang it from a place 13-18cm higher than the upper edge of the window frame.

2. The height of the curtain from the ground

The hem of the floor-to-ceiling curtain should be about 3-5cm higher than the ground. drape. If you only need to cover the windows, add 15cm to the left and right of the window width. If you need to make a full wall, measure the width of the entire wall.

Seven, what material is suitable for curtains?

In terms of material, curtains include cotton, linen, yarn, satin, flocking, bamboo, man-made fiber and so on. But how to choose the material that suits them is a headache for many people. Drum recommends that you choose the curtain material according to the properties of the room.

Living room: Floor-to-ceiling fabric curtains are suitable for larger living rooms, which can be equipped with window screens instead of blackout cloth, and curtains can be added to the style. Smaller living rooms can use opaque roller blinds, cloth blinds and day and night curtains.

Restaurant: The restaurant is not a private space. If it is not exposed to the sun, it is usually covered with a layer of tulle But of course, if you don’t need it, you don’t have to set it.

Bedroom: It is advisable to use fabric curtains, add blackout cloth and screens. The style is mainly concise, and finished curtains can be selected for smaller windows.

Study room: The study room can choose natural and unique wooden venetian blinds, soundproof curtains or plain roller blinds. Note: Some wooden curtains use adhesives, which are likely to cause indoor pollution. Those with children, the elderly or pregnant women at home should choose them carefully.

Eight, simple cleaning method for curtains

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the curtains by the way every time you clean, without disassembly, with soapy water, Essential oils, baking soda, etc. work better. If the curtains are dirty, you can use the ordinary function of the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust first, and then use the steam function to do a deep cleaning, which can make the curtains cleaner.

Today, the editor summed up a lot of knowledge about curtains for you. The design and choice of curtains should be chosen according to your own home decoration style. Don’t just hang the curtains at home because they look good. important! Well, today I will introduce to you here, I hope it will be helpful to you who are shopping for curtains!

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