what curtains go with pink walls

When we decorate the house, we plan the house decoration according to the number of people in the family. If there are children in the family, we will give them a separate room, and they will put the whole The walls of the home are made of pink. After all, girls like pink, so we need to know what kind of curtains look good with pink walls in the house. When choosing curtains, you must combine the color of the wall. In addition, what are the styles of curtains? .

What curtains look good with pink walls in the house

You can match the same color There are many styles of soft gauze curtains. If you like small and fresh, it is recommended to use jacquard series or small floral series. If you want something simpler, it is recommended to use the rainbow series.

The answer to the small flowers with pink and white is to add that the small flowers with pink and white feel pink and purple. Be so sweet. Pink would be better. It is recommended that you think more about A. The bedroom is an individual, but it should be coordinated with the whole. B. Your personality. C. The style of the bedroom furniture

The styles of curtains

can be divided according to their appearance and function For: roller blinds, pleated blinds, vertical blinds and venetian blinds.

1. The roller blind can be retracted freely. It can be divided into: man-made fiber roller blinds, wooden sunburned roller blinds, and bamboo roller blinds. Among them, artificial fiber roller blinds are woven with special technology, which can pass through strong sunlight radiation, improve the quality of indoor light, and have the functions of anti-static and fire prevention.

2. Folding blinds can be divided into venetian blinds, day and night blinds, honeycomb blinds, and pleated blinds according to their different functions. Among them, the honeycomb curtain has sound-absorbing effect, and the day and night curtain can have any effect between light-transmitting and opaque.

3. Vertical curtains can be divided into aluminum curtains and man-made fiber curtains according to their different fabrics.

4. Venetian blinds are generally divided into wooden louver, aluminum louver, bamboo louver and so on. The feature of the venetian blind is that different angles of light can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that the natural light in the room is full of changes.

This article has already told everyone, what kind of curtains look good with pink walls in the house, we can choose pink soft screen windows, there are still many styles of this kind of curtains, it belongs to a small and fresh Generally speaking, the type is more suitable for girls, and I also told you about the styles of curtains. We can choose different styles according to the style.

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