How to install curtains without curtain box

When we decorate the house, we will definitely use curtains. So we have to look at the curtains. There is no question of how to install curtains without a curtain box. After understanding this problem, let’s take a look at the curtain materials. This will make it easier for us to choose the right curtains. After all, curtains are indispensable in our lives. They can not only help us to block our privacy well, but also help us block ultraviolet rays in summer.

How to install curtains without curtain boxes

Method 1: Use Ming Installing curtain rods

For those who have not made curtain boxes and want to make curtains look good, the most direct way is to use surface-mounted curtain rods. This method can be said to be the most trouble-free and simplest, but the effect But it looks good. Specific operation: directly install the single rod or double rods on the position where the curtains are hung according to the needs, and then install the curtains on the curtain rods to realize the beautiful appearance of the installed curtains, and at the same time, it can be used easily.


1. Curtain rods are made of many materials and have different thicknesses. Use thicker alloy material for curtain rods, so that the quality can be guaranteed when used;

2. For the installation of curtain rods, three fixed points are usually used, and there must be a fixed point in the middle, otherwise there will be a sinking in the middle, which will affect the appearance and the use of curtains;

3 . For the installation of the base of the curtain rod, the first thing to do is to use a suitable expansion bolt, and then use the extension screw to fix it, so as to ensure that the base of the curtain rod will not fall off in daily use.

Method 2: Use curtain slides

For the curtain box not installed, the most traditional method is to use a curtain rod. With the changes in the curtain industry in recent years, the curtain slides can be used in places without curtain boxes. As long as they are used with two different curtain slides, the curtains installed in this way will be very beautiful.

Specific operation: First, install single or double slides on the roof or on the wall where the curtain slides need to be installed. This depends on the fixing of the base of the slides. No need Worry; then, on the outside of the curtain slideway, continue to install a curtain rail track, which is used for the installation of the curtain in the later stage of the curtain, so that the entire three slideways can be blocked, and the slideway becomes a dark slideway. Let the curtain decoration more beautiful.


1. When using the slideway to install, it is divided into ceiling installation and wall installation and fixing. Although the installation positions of the two methods are different, the final effect is the same, so don’t worry about the load-bearing problem. The two methods will not have the load-bearing capacity. Problematic;

2. When using the slideway, there will also be different materials and different thicknesses. It is also recommended to use a thicker alloy material, so that the slideway will be smoother when used;

3. When using slides to install curtains, there are often joints in the middle. This is mainly because the slides are too long to go upstairs, so pay attention to the alignment of the joints during installation, otherwise it will affect the curtain. Ease of use.

What are the curtain materials?

1. Polyester fiber paper


Polyester fiber is commonly known as “polyester”. Using it to make curtains has the advantages of crispness, durability, wrinkle resistance, drape, and non-sticky hair. This material is simply “naturally made of curtain material”. ;. Paper

2. Linen paper

If you like the natural Zen style, you can choose light-transmitting linen. Linen has irregular grain, which brings a sense of privacy, but also creates a sense of comfort and warmth in the room. Adding polyester fiber blend can make the linen curtain more rigid and more blackout. Paper

3. Fabric paper

Fabric is moisture-absorbing, breathable and skin-friendly. It is suitable for places where the skin is often touched, but if it is made into curtains, it is easy to wrinkle and deform. It is also light-transmitting like linen, but after being blended with polyester fibers, the fabric curtains will be crisp and stylish. Because cotton fibers can keep heat, fabric curtains are cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Paper

4. Silk paper

Silk satin is very delicate, especially it cannot withstand ultraviolet rays, so this material must be paired with a blackout lining, because cleaning and maintenance are very troublesome, so it is not recommended Silk curtains are used on a large scale. Paper

5. Suede paper

There are many velvet fabric curtains on the market, most of which are blended with polyester fiber, and there are also full suede. In comparison, suede is easy to hang dust, and it will shrink a little after washing, so it is more troublesome to take care of.

The above are the detailed answers to the two questions of how to install curtains without curtain boxes and what are the materials of curtains. Through the above answers, we can understand that there are two ways to install curtains without curtain boxes, one is to use exposed curtain rods, and the other is to use curtain slides. As for the questions about the curtain materials, there are five kinds of curtain materials answered above. I believe there is always one that you like, and it will be very convenient to choose and buy.

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