Modern minimalist curtain color matching how to choose curtains

When we decorate and make renderings, we will choose the style we like to make, so that the designer will have a design direction. Some people think that the modern and simple style is better , so we want to make such a style, then we have to look at the color matching of modern minimalist curtains, and then we need to know clearly how to choose curtains. The following is a detailed introduction.

Modern minimalist curtain color matching

In the living room curtain color matching, each People of all ages will have their own different views, different preferences, and of course opinions will be very different. As people often say, there are a thousand Hamlets in the hearts of a thousand people. Different colors give people different feelings. Some people think that green curtains will give people a fresh and natural feeling. Some people think that light blue or white gauze curtains make the room look dignified and dignified. All in all, for the living room The choice of curtain color matching is naturally a matter of opinion, and a wise man sees wisdom.

How to choose curtains

1. Be good at using tracks in irregular rooms

Special-shaped windows are common in residences, such as arc-shaped windows, which are inconvenient to install curtains. Fortunately, there is a bendable track design, which can make the curtain follow the shape of the window, so that it fits perfectly, and it is very easy to open and close.

2. The orientation of the window determines the thickness of the fabric

When choosing fabrics, you must consider the orientation of your windows. South-facing windows have good light, and tulle, thin cotton or silk fabrics are more suitable. North-facing rooms are often cold and gloomy, so you should choose curtains with warm colors and some heavy feelings to increase the temperature. If your home has windows facing east or west, then shade is the most important use of curtains. Shading curtains can not only block the glare, but also maintain the brightness of the interior, making full use of natural light to illuminate the room. Close to the windows in the bustling neighborhood, street lamps and billboards are also very bright at night. In order to have a peaceful sleep, thicker curtains are needed to cover them.

3. Casement curtains are *all-match

Casement curtains are a *common style. Simple, without any decoration, random size, can be hung and pulled, suitable for most windows. According to the width of the window, the curtains can be designed as one-side flat pull type and double-side flat pull type. Generally, 1.5 meters is used as a reference for the boundary. Cushion curtains can be lifted to one or both sides to form a soft arc, creating a good decorative effect, and can be freely matched with various strap accessories. The style with curtain heads is more complicated to make, but the decorative effect is better. It can cover the rough curtain rails and the gap between the top of the curtain and the roof, making the interior more tidy and beautiful.

In the introduction of the above article, I mainly looked at some knowledge about the color matching of modern minimalist curtains. Let’s choose the color of the curtains. In this way, it will be easier to buy in the market. Not only that, the article also introduces to you the skills of how to choose curtains.

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