What curtains are used for Chinese decoration, and how to choose Chinese curtains?

Now when people choose decoration, most of them choose Chinese style decoration, but when they choose built-in decoration, they will have contradictions and entanglements, especially the choice of curtains, most of them are The European style is the main style, so it will be difficult to match, so what kind of curtains are used for Chinese-style decoration, and how to choose Chinese-style curtains?

1. What kind of curtains are used for Chinese decoration:

1. The positioning of interior decoration style: As far as interior design is concerned, curtains not only have the function of shading, but also have the effect of beautifying Function, it can not only coordinate the color matching of the room, but also create a warm and comfortable environment. A suitable curtain reflects the owner’s positioning and style of the home. Just like there should be a basic color and basic style in your wardrobe, you should also set a basic style for the entire home decoration before choosing curtains, and then look for curtains that match the details of the interior.

2. Choice of curtain style: Curtains, like clothing, also have their own style and style. The choice of curtain style is closely related to the decoration style. Different decoration styles choose matching curtains, which can bring different surprises to the home. The Chinese home style pays attention to the restrained and simple design style. Complicated things such as lace, curtain heads, and curtain frames will all be discarded here. Elegant and unique patterns and elegant light colors are the representatives of modern minimalist style.

3. Choice of color: The choice of curtain color is also very particular. There is a scene in the ancients’ writings that “heavy makeup and light makeup are always suitable”, so the choice of curtain color can complement the interior decoration style. For example, milky white walls, with light red curtains can show a gorgeous effect; such as light milky yellow walls, with brown curtains, it will look more warm and comfortable; the choice of curtain color will also vary according to the seasons , The color should be light in summer and dark in winter, so as to change people’s psychological “hot” and “cold” feelings.

4. Personalized choice: In this era of constant emphasis on individuality, it is the characteristic of this era to like to pursue oneself and be unconventional, and the choice of curtains is no longer rigid. When more and more consumers choose curtains, they want to reflect their unique personality characteristics through the breath emitted by the curtains themselves. But while emphasizing individuality, the choice of curtains should not be completely divorced from the interior decoration style. If you blindly emphasize novelty, the selected curtains are in great contrast with the basic style of home decoration, which will affect the overall home decoration effect.

Second, how to choose Chinese curtains:

1. Design style: We know that there are many types of design styles for curtains. These styles are inextricably linked with the interior design style. Therefore, the choice of curtains, design style is very important. That is to say, all the elements of curtains must first match the style of the interior. At this point, you need to consult your interior designer more to make the curtain design fit the interior design style.      

2. Functional requirements: From the functional requirements described in the first paragraph, you need to choose the thickness of the curtains on the basis of the design style. Generally speaking, there are two methods: Use a thicker cloth. Use a thicker fabric and make a tulle curtain inside.  

As for which solution to adopt, it needs to consider the actual situation, for example, some design styles do not allow the existence of tulle curtains.  

3. Choose fabrics: There are many choices of fabrics for curtains. Here is a brief introduction to the performance characteristics of the fabrics: light, thin, transparent or translucent fabrics, such as cotton, polyester cotton Blends, glass yarn, fine mesh, lace and voile, etc. Medium-thick opaque fabrics, such as fancy weave cotton, nylon and their blends, and open mesh; slippery fabrics, such as polished calico burnished cotton, antiqued satin, silk, and moiré.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has already understood the question of what kind of curtains are used for Chinese-style decoration. There will be a certain experience base in time.

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