The most prosperous three colors of curtains in the room The principle of color matching of curtains

Nowadays, people pay more attention to color matching when decorating a room. They think that the overall aesthetics can only be improved if the color matching is good. When choosing curtains, the choice of color is very important. For the most prosperous three-color curtains in the room, you should know the matching principles of curtain colors, so that you can choose the right curtains for use in the bedroom. It can also bring good help to the family.

The most prosperous three-color curtains in the room

For the curtains in the room When choosing a color, you should look at the gender of the resident. Boys generally use blue as the main color and darker colors, while girls use pink and warmer colors as the main color. For better three-color curtains, you can choose blue-gray curtains, dreamy pink curtains and powder-gray stitching curtains, which are more atmospheric.

1. Blue-gray curtains

This color is the popular Morandi color system in the past two years. Compared with the common black, white and gray, no matter whether your furniture style is modern or American style, as long as it is installed at home, no luxurious hard decoration is required, the simple blue-gray can make the space look more textured. However, this color may give people a quiet and elegant feeling, so it is not very suitable for hanging in the living room. It is recommended that friends who like this color hang it in the bedroom, which will bring more comfort to people.

2. Dreamy pink

Pink is more energetic, and at the same time it can better reflect the girl’s heart. If it is used in the living room, it may not be stable enough, but it is just right for the bedroom, especially for girls. In the child’s bedroom, with this pink curtain, it can bring you a youthful atmosphere.

3. Powder-gray splicing curtains

Some people think pink is childish, then you can try powder-gray splicing curtains. It brings a gentle and high-end visual experience to people. Whether you have a small or large apartment, it can make the bedroom more attractive after installation.

Curtain color matching principles

Choose a brighter color for the curtains Serves as a finishing touch as the furniture is white. If the house is not too big, it is better to dress it up as a lively and bright home color. In terms of style, white furniture is divided into sweet Korean pastoral, casual European and American countryside, classic European classical and Western minimalism. The curtains can also be selected according to these styles to be more integrated.

1. If you want a stable style overall, dark colors can be used on the curtains.

2. If you only want a simple and fresh style, it is recommended to have basic colors on the curtains

3. The overall home decoration is relatively simple. Rich home space

4. Heavy and high-end home furnishing needs to be matched with fabrics with strong mechanism

5. European style needs heavy and dark fabrics. With curtain head, tassels for decoration.

For the most prosperous three-color curtains in the room, the principle of matching curtain colors, after reading the above introduction, you must have already understood. When matching and choosing curtain colors, It should be in harmony with the overall home style, so that the overall aesthetics can be improved. In addition, it is generally not recommended to use too thick or too dark curtains in the room, so that it does not look warm.

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