How to choose modern style curtain fabric? Modern style curtain fabric?

Now people pay more attention to the choice of style when decorating, modern style is more popular, but for this style, many people have doubts about the choice of curtain fabric. So what is the method of choosing modern style curtain fabrics for you? What are the current styles of curtain fabrics? So that you can have a better understanding of modern style curtains.

 What is the method of choosing modern style curtain fabric?

 1. Furniture of different styles and materials should be equipped with embroidered curtains of different textures (raw materials) or varieties. Classical solid wood furniture should be matched with jacquard fabrics and yarn-dyed fabrics, and patterns of plants, flowers, and fish and insects are its constant themes. The two are accompanied by light and heavy, combining hardness and softness, calm and concise without losing elegance. It is more suitable for panel furniture to use printed cloth with light texture and bright color, which can fully mobilize the visual experience of lines, color blocks and geometric figures, and paint vivid, romantic, concise and lively modern life scenes. And modern furniture has a wider range of choices, such as silk and metallic fabric curtains.

 2. The function of curtain fabric needs to be based on the curtain fabric design style described in the functional requirements, and the thickness of the curtain fabric needs to be selected. Generally speaking, there are two methods:

 1) Use a thicker curtain fabric.

 2) Use a thicker curtain fabric, and make a tulle curtain inside. As for the curtain fabric style, it needs to consider the actual situation. For example, some curtain fabric design styles do not allow the existence of tulle curtains.

 3. There are many options for choosing curtain fabrics. Here is a brief introduction to the performance characteristics of curtain fabrics:

 1) Light, thin, transparent or translucent curtains Fabrics such as cotton, polyester-cotton blends, glass yarn, fine netting, lace, and voile.

 2) Medium thickness opaque curtain fabrics, such as fancy weave cotton, nylon and their blends, scrims; Satin, silk and moire etc.

 What are the modern style curtain fabrics?

 Curtain fabrics can be divided into printed fabrics, dyed fabrics, Yarn-dyed fabric, jacquard fabric, etc.

 1. Printed cloth: Printing colors and patterns on the plain gray cloth by transfer or garden screen is called dyed cloth. Its characteristics: bright colors, rich and delicate patterns.

 Features: bright colors, rich patterns, with hand-painted printing and dyeing effects, revealing natural texture.

 2. Dyeing cloth: through professional dyeing equipment: singeing, desizing, bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing, finishing, pre-shrinking and other processes, the finished cloth is dyed cloth.

 Features: elegant, natural, crisp, in line with fashion trends.

 3. Yarn-dyed fabric: According to the design requirements, the gauze is first classified and dyed, and then interlaced to form a color pattern, which is called yarn-dyed fabric.

 Features: Strong color fastness, bright yarn-dyed texture, strong three-dimensional effect.

 4. Embroidered cloth: Embroidered cloth is a kind of ordinary cloth that is embroidered or machined to embroider many beautiful flower and plant patterns.

 Features: strong three-dimensional pattern, unique style, elegant!

 The choice of curtain fabric must conform to the modern decoration style, and it can be used in many fabrics Among them, they all have their own advantages and characteristics, so no matter what kind of fabric, the quality is guaranteed. People can choose it according to their own preferences, or the economic conditions of the family to make a decision. Be sure to go to the specialty store to buy, they will also have on-site service for installation.

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