What color to choose for the study curtains? What kind of curtains are suitable for study decoration?

Curtains are an indispensable decoration in the decoration design of the study. Curtains can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also ensure the privacy of the study, creating a quiet environment for the study. , So, today we will introduce to you what color to choose for the study curtains and what kind of curtains are suitable for the study decoration. Let me introduce to you together.

1. What color to choose for the study curtain

1. Suitable for the study as a whole Style

If you want to create a beautiful environment for the study, you must pay attention when purchasing curtains. You can’t just choose whatever color you want for the curtains, and it’s not just any beautiful design. The curtains will definitely be suitable for your study design. The choice of curtains must be based on the overall style of the study. Different styles of study design have different requirements for curtains. The best may not necessarily be the most suitable for you.

2. Choose fabric curtains with good materials

Don’t underestimate the curtains, thinking that the curtains only play a role in blocking the light and beautifying the indoor environment of the study. Does it work? High-quality fabric curtains can play a very good role in protecting privacy by using light. In this regard, the material selection of curtains is very particular. For example, fabrics with thicker materials are not suitable for study curtains. Although thick curtains can play a role It plays a good role in shading and protecting privacy, but it is not conducive to the smooth flow of indoor air, causing the owner to not breathe smoothly, which is not conducive to everyone’s peace of mind to study.

3. Fresh, natural and generous

The study room is an elegant and quiet place, so the natural study room curtains should not be too expensive in color. It makes everyone inattentive and distracted in the study and work, resulting in a decrease in work and study efficiency, and the curtains with too bright colors will also give people a dazzling feeling. The natural and fresh study room curtains are in line with the quiet study atmosphere of the study room, allowing everyone to quickly integrate into the creation.

Second, what kind of curtains are suitable for the study decoration

The soft tones and horizontal stripes make this study look full of personality. Ripples in a study dominated by white and yellow. Bright and dynamic striped curtains are the best match with warm materials, and the colored lines are more like a whirlwind of PVC, bringing a wave of sporty sealant, and the simple butterfly pleat hanging method is more convenient for you to replace and clean at any time. What’s special: This curtain in the study is thick and full. Instead of traditional desk tiles, storage cabinets are used as desk tubes, while the shelves with high storage rate inside are very practical, where books and sundries can be placed, and they are closely connected with striped curtains.

The characteristics of the various colors constitute the basic therapeutic tendencies of each color. Therefore, the color choice of curtains has an important impact on health. For example, the milky yellow walls should be matched with light brown patterned curtains, and the brown furniture can be matched with warm-toned curtains such as light red, which will make people feel beautiful and lively. For a bedroom with a larger space, choose light brown curtains with large flower patterns, which can reduce the feeling of spaciousness. The living room of the elderly uses light orange curtains, which can make people feel refreshed and happy.

The above is all the knowledge about what color to choose for the study curtains and what kind of curtains to choose for the study decoration. What kind of curtains are good for the study. What kind of curtains to choose must be consistent with the overall environment.

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