Matters needing attention in choosing curtains

1. Some curtains have strict requirements on size. Before purchasing curtains, you should measure the floor and tiles after laying.

2. Compared with house decoration, curtains produce less dust, so the installation timing of curtains can be chosen after the house decoration. Shop for curtains 15 days before decorating ends.

3. Most of the curtains are lighter in color and have strong moisture permeability. You can add a layer of gauze behind the curtains, and you can customize them according to your needs.

4. In order to save costs and expenses, when choosing curtains with screens, two layers of cloth can be hung together on a single rod, which saves costs and does not affect the appearance.

5. When calculating the installation amount, be sure to confirm with the merchant what is included in the fee, and then pay the deposit, which can reduce unnecessary troubles.

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