The fortune of curtains in golden autumn is revealed

What are the functions of curtains and how big are they? Generally speaking, adjusting light, protecting privacy, and beautifying the room are indispensable for every household. It acts as a visual element with a large living space, and because it affects lighting, it is not an exaggeration to say that it controls the “yin and yang” in the home. When adjusting the fortune of the home, the curtains are more convenient to replace and can be adjusted at any time as needed. Today we will take a look at the secrets of the curtains?

The annual nine-star layout is actually beneficial to people The influence is very deep, and it is one of the necessary means to adjust according to the nine-star layout. In 2015, this trouble-saving method can be used to implement the nine-star layout.

Oriental: You can use light green, blue and other colors, and materials such as bamboo or wooden curtains are also available.

South: You can use thicker yellow curtains.

Western: You can use light yellow ordinary curtains.

Northern: Gray curtains can be used.

In addition, some taboos in decoration can also be adjusted by curtains. For example, if the front door faces the window or the back door, it will cause no wealth accumulation in the home. The simple way is to add thicker curtains. The form of the door to door is not very good, it is better to add a door curtain. Sunshine is a fire element with a lot of contact, so people who love fire can choose thinner curtains; people who hate fire can choose thick curtains. The common floor-to-ceiling windows are a point in fortune that may leak wealth. You can add high-quality curtains to the floor-to-ceiling windows in your home.

Of course, the choice of curtains at home also has some considerations that affect luck. Under normal circumstances, the curtains in the home room are not suitable for overly complicated patterns, nor are they suitable for any animal patterns. Feelings, in the selection of colors, it is not suitable to choose fluorescent colors, pink and other colors that will make people uneasy.

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