What color curtains match teak furniture, how to match teak furniture with curtains

Everyone knows that teak furniture is a very luxurious and high-end household item. To match it well with such tall furniture, other household items should also be carefully considered from various aspects. Let’s take curtains as an example. What color curtains go well with teak furniture is a very interesting topic worth discussing.

There are many factors to consider about what color curtains go with teak furniture. Effect. It is difficult for everyone to understand it in general terms. Let’s list a few examples and let everyone draw inferences from one instance to determine the matching plan for their own home.

Case 1: What curtains go with white walls, teak wood, and black furniture? If the walls are white and the main color of the home is a cool color, you can choose the color of the curtains If it is a little brighter, it can be matched with white or light-colored colors. For example: fashionable and bright orange + white; introverted and elegant light yellow + brown; bright and fresh bright yellow + orange.

Case 2: What color curtains go with reddish teak furniture? You can use pink yarn, preferably with vertical stripes of red and yellow, with beige Cloth (a slightly wrinkled cloth). Because in the sun, the thinner pink yarn will turn light red, the yellow cloth will be beige, and the whole room will look warm and festive. Another point: the important function of yarn is matching and decoration, and of course it also has the function of blocking dust.

Case 3: The furniture is dark teak, the living room is white, what color should the curtains match? If you don’t want the room to be too complicated, it is recommended to use the original wall of white. As for the curtains, they should be matched according to the style. If the furniture style is modern, it can be matched with purple or dark red of the same color, but because it is a modern style furniture, it can be matched with a popular sheer yarn Curtains are very effective in blocking windows during the day. The color should be the same color as the curtains. If it is a classical style, you can choose gold to look unified and coordinated with the style of the furniture.

Case 4: The walls are all beige polished bricks with grooved stickers, the floor is light yellow jade polished uranium bricks, the furniture is teak wood, and the style is European, how to match the curtains What about it? The curtains match the color of the sofa at home, and there are things like hanging pictures. The color tone of the whole room is yellow and golden, and the furniture is more European. It is recommended to use blue or green curtains , but don’t use the pure color, match it with some brown or yellow ones, for example, make some curtain heads, use blue or green for the curtain heads, use gold or yellow for the curtains, the color should be more stable so that it won’t be too ugly.

In addition, remind everyone that the color matching of teak furniture and curtains should be combined with the personality, occupation, and hobbies of the owner, and curtains are durable goods, and they are generally not replaced for a long time after they are installed, so It’s better to buy a brand with better quality.

Is the above article helpful to the question of what color curtains go well with teak furniture? Perhaps in addition to the above several matching methods, everyone also has some opinions, which is also good. Because furniture matching is interesting and full of changes, breaking the routine may produce unexpected effects.

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