What color curtains go with walnut

We all know that some color matching is still very important when decorating a home. When choosing the color of the curtains, you need to understand and match it according to the overall style. If it is walnut color How should furniture be matched with curtains? So what color curtains are good for walnut color? There are many types of bay windows, so how to make type 1 bay window curtains? The specific production method is still very important, and everyone needs to know more about it content, let’s take a look.

What color curtains go with walnut color

Walnut color furniture can Use vertical striped wallpaper to make the wall beautiful and coordinated. Generally speaking, the color depth of the home is the principle of “light walls, middle ground, and deep furniture”, so when choosing wallpaper, choose the kind of dark pattern, off-white wallpaper. Such a color scheme is very suitable for walnut-colored furniture. Because such colors belong to the warm color system, people can feel warm and comfortable in the bedroom.

What kind of curtains look better with walnut-colored furniture? It is recommended to use beige or camel. Because such colors seem to have a certain contrast, but the contrast is not very strong, and it does not feel discordant. Of course, if it is a sunny room, the curtains can be made thicker, so that the strong sunlight can be better blocked. It is also a good idea to choose light yellow, light green, or lavender for curtains.

How to make L-shaped bay window curtains

1. Choose according to the shape Curtains

Generally speaking, the curtains of this space are inside it, while the cloth curtains are usually outside the bay window. Since there are many shapes of the bay window, such as L-shaped and U-shaped, their height is the same as the inner height of the bay window. The curtains in the bedroom are generally made to go through the wall and fall to the floor. If there are radiators, they can also be made the size of the window frame, and they can be extended by about 30 centimeters twice. In addition, there are fabric curtains and matching gauze curtains directly in the bay window, which not only saves fabrics, but also makes the bedroom look large and not cumbersome.

2. Choose the style according to the window type

In addition, we also need to choose curtains according to the shape of the window. For example, for a large window, you can choose a combination of several individual curtains curtain. If the window is small, it is recommended to choose Roman blinds or lifting blinds. If the lighting is good, it is recommended to add a layer of sheer curtains. Hang curtains on the lighting glass, and add a curtain between the bay window and the interior.

Style of L-shaped bay window curtain

Its style will change according to the size and shape of the window, such as Roman shades, blinds, hand-held curtains, lifting curtains, etc. If it is a viewing window with a large area of glass, you can use a window track equipped with a drawstring mechanism. The effect of using a floor-to-ceiling curtain is good, or you can use several groups of Roman blinds to splicing for a stronger decorative effect. For example, wooden or bamboo shutters are more suitable for leisure bay windows and tea rooms, and curtains made of sun-resistant and non-fading materials should be used for balconies.

About the question of what color curtains go with walnut color, the editor thinks that walnut-colored furniture gives people a very beautiful and stable feeling. When choosing the color of the curtains, you can choose beige or dark grain colors There are good references for the selection of these curtain colors, and you can learn more about them. How to make L-shaped bay window curtains? The specific method needs to be comprehensively considered according to the size and shape of the window and different styles of curtains. I hope it can help everyone.

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